4th of July


‘Independence Day: to celebrate you two will take part in the parade later today. You shall wear the attire provided and will be riding on Bad Joe’s float. Be there at 10, additional details to follow.’

Laura passed the note to Maggie. “I knew something would come today.” She pulled the stars and stripes bikinis from the box. They didn’t question the notes anymore; they both changed without shame in the living room. Laura’s belly was very pronounced and the small bikini made it appear even larger. They finished getting ready and drove to the preparation area. Maggie didn’t care to understand why this man singled them out and why her mother accepted it. She was just happy that Laura smiled more often and seemed to enjoy this humiliation. Maggie couldn’t judge, she just wanted her mom to enjoy herself.

They asked around until they found the float they were looking for. A woman noticed their approach and referred to her clipboard. She glanced at Laura’s belly as she wrote their names. “Okay, there’s a place to sit up there, but you need to be dancing some too. Remember to keep it decent.” The woman was disgusted by her mother’s stomach, Maggie could tell. She waved them away and looked to the next person.

The float was raised with striped tapestry draped over the sides. There was an elevated section with speakers on each side and a narrow chair with a small opening in the middle. The rest of the float was flat with a small railing along the edge. Laura’s boob visibly wiggled – she checked her phone that had been tucked into her bikini top. “He says we have to alternate between dancing and sitting after each song.” They stepped up carefully and waited for the float to start.

Once the float was in position the song ‘Heart of Glass’ began playing; Laura went first. Smiling, Maggie sat and watched her mother bounce in tune with the beat. She moved fluently with the added weight she carried. Maggie felt something from the chair. Someone moved her bikini bottom through the hole in the chair. She jumped up, but stopped as the bottom stretched, pulling her back. She sat back down and waited. She felt the hand spread her cheeks open. Then something cold pressed inside of her butt. Water began filling her – someone was giving her an enema as she sat on display! The water went in slowly. It didn’t feel too bad, until the next dose came. She watched her mother’s butt shake with each step. Water filled her faster now, her stomach began to hurt. The third dose came quickly, just as the song ended. She stood carefully; her belly had grown to appear slightly pregnant.

‘Walk this Way’ started playing. She stepped more gracefully than her mother had. Switching her hips from side to side she shook her butt and let the music guide her. It wasn’t as hard to move after the enemas as she had expected. She noticed that her mother was watching her every motion. The crowd watched with a mixture of smiles and raised eyebrows. Maggie didn’t care, she had been to a lot of parties recently and, as usual, she commanded everyone’s attention. The song finished and her mother gave her a big smile. “Nice job, honey.”

They switched spots. Maggie guessed that her mother had been given some enemas as well; she was moving slower and her belly seemed larger. Maggie felt the nozzle slip into her and then the water flowed inside. She ignored the discomfort, amused by her mother’s sloppy attempts to dance to a song she hadn’t heard before. Her breasts slid back and forth upon her swollen belly; her butt bounced as she clumsily walked with the beat.

It was her turn again. She accepted the final dose of water and stood. Her insides grumbled as she arranged her clothes. She came to the center of the float as ‘Gimmie All Your Lovin’ started to play. She didn’t exactly know how to dance with this one. She switched her hips and watched her belly shake. She leaned forward and tried to twerk with the chorus, but she felt like she was about to fall with the added weight. She made it work, she thought. She leaned back and shook her tits for the crowd with the following chorus. She strutted around the edge of the float and she winked and blew kisses to the spectators. During the last portion she put her hands on her thighs and weaved her torso in a sexy manner. Her mother was trying to hide her grin as they switched spots. She probably went too far that time, but she knew that bastard wanted a show, so she wanted to deliver. Maybe then he’d leave them alone – probably wishful thinking.

Her mother didn’t dance much this time. She bounced a fair amount and gave some movements, but nothing special. She must be filled to the brim. Maggie felt the nozzle again. Three doses followed by something else. She felt something small pressed onto her clit. A vibrator started and so did the next song. She stood, surprised, and fixed her bottoms. She hid the controller between her butt cheeks so it didn’t fall out.

‘Firework’ allowed her some time to acclimate to the new feeling. She breathed deeply and chose to ignore her full feeling. It felt nice when she didn’t move, but any motion had to be done carefully. She bobbed her head, feeling her boobs jiggle. When the beat started she jumped in place, keeping her legs straight. When it stopped she caught her breath, her legs feeling weak. She prepared for the next part and began spinning her hips, hands raised high. Her belly sloshed and gurgled, the motion nearly throwing her off balance. Maggie held her composure and continued. She raised each arm and opened her hands, bringing them back down to slap her hips. Once she brought them up and accidently bumped her belly, which also caused her to snag her top. It didn’t come off, but it caused her modest boobs to jiggle wildly as she attempted to untangle herself. Suddenly an orgasm took her in front of the crowd; she tried to suppress it. She was partially successful, shaking and breathless. The song ended and she slowly made her way back to the chair.

Her mother danced for the final song as they approached the end. She felt the hand carefully remove the toy as she sat, tired and full. When they came to a stop they both got down and started walking back to Laura’s car.
“I need to go to the bathroom, mom.”
“You got it too? Well there is a porta-potty there if you need to.” There was a line.
“No, I can’t go in there; we need to find a bathroom!”
“The only one I know of is in the gas station a few blocks away.”
Maggie groaned and nodded. They walked quietly and carefully. There was a long line for the gas station’s restrooms as well. “Shoot, there is one more place. Buck’s Pub is just up the hill. It shouldn’t be crowded at this hour.” Maggie gave a distressed look, but had little choice. They trudged along. The bar was packed; many heads turned to watch them as they entered. They made their way to the toward the restroom sign. As they passed to the back a man stopped them.

“Names?” He eyed their bellies.
“Uhh, what do you mean?”
“For the contest – they’re already back there, but you guys still have a few minutes.”
Maggie said nothing, confused and discomforted. The man ushered them to the back and handed them cards with numbers. Three other girls stood in bikinis of varying styles and colors. Laura and Maggie’s stomachs drew everyone’s attention. There was chatter, but the man stopped it. “Okay, girls, time to go!”

Maggie gasped, “He led us here, didn’t he?”
Laura gave her a knowing look. They followed the line onto the shoddy stage – the room quieted. “Hello everyone and welcome to Buck’s second annual bikini competition, tonight we will be letting you judge these five fine ladies to see who is this years ‘Buck’s Girl.’ We will judge based on the crowd’s response.”

Contestant one stepped forward: a chubby girl with wide set eyes and a tattoo on her hip of a skull breathing fire. Her blue and white polka dotted swimsuit barely fit. The crowd applauded a fair amount and she stepped back.

Contestant two was a lanky girl who was the opposite of the first. She barely filled her bikini and her features were pointed. She looked as if she had been starving herself. She spun around to show a tattoo of a butterfly on her butt cheek. The crowd gave a modest applause.

The third girl had a more balanced body than the first two. A rose accented her left breast – they were only slightly larger than the second girls. Her hair was red and she was pale, but her smile was her most prominent feature. The applause was louder for her than the first two.

Next Maggie stepped forward bashfully. She smiled as much as she could, her insides churning as the water made gurgling sounds occasionally. She held it in without too much trouble. She pressed her boobs together before turning around and grabbing her behind. People cheered loudly at that display; so far she was easily winning. She grinned and looked to her mother.

Laura’s face had rounded slightly and her butt had grown since she had become pregnant. Crow’s feet around her eyes were the only give away to her true age. She grinned and grabbed her breasts shaking them up and down. She spun around, shaking her ass and slapping it. It looked trashy, but in this place it caused the crowd to hoot and holler with delight. Her belly hung low as she gave them a good view of her butt, legs spread wide. Maggie knew that creep was watching.

The host led the other three girls off the stage. “Here are the two finalists, tell us about yourselves, ladies.”
Her mother spoke first. “My name is Laura and this is my daughter, Maggie.” Maggie blushed as most of the crowd cheered; some gave confused or disgusted looks.
“So,” the host asked, “how far are you two along?”
“I’m 20 weeks along.” She held her tummy and looked to her daughter.
“I-uh, I’m about the same.”
The host chuckled. “You don’t sound too sure about that. Where are the dads? Same guy?” He laughed again.
“No, no, he is- they are not in the picture.” Maggie lied.
“Single and expecting, huh? Well, you have your pick of most of these guys, I’m sure.” The crowd jeered. “Now for the final part – I know this is weird for you two being related, but rules are rules. Tops off, ladies!” The crowd roared Laura raised an eyebrow and tilted her head accusingly with a grin. She reached back and undid her bikini top and let it fall to the stage. Her full breasts had areolas the size of quarters and tiny nipples aimed upward. They rested upon her belly as she smiled warmly to the sweaty men. At this point the people who didn’t care for the scene were making their way to the door.

“Your turn, Maggie.” Her mother smiled deviously. Maggie wanted to do one better – she untied her top and then her bottoms. They fell and she stood proudly, still retaining the water she had been given. Her mother’s smile faded as the men whistled and cheered. Not one to be outdone, Laura undid her bottoms and sat on a chair that had been at the back of the stage, spreading her legs wide, exposing her pierced clitoris. What a slut, Maggie thought.

Just then a man came upon the stage and came toward Laura, a security guard jumped in between them; the man stopped and jumped back down. The crowd started to get louder and louder, hungry for more. The guards blocked the crowd as the host led them backstage, the event turning suddenly dangerous. He brought them to an office and locked the door. “You two sure know how to excite the crowd! Let’s wait a minute before we go out.”
“We need clothes!” Maggie pleaded.
“I got nothing for you in here; we have to let the guards do their thing.” He watched the girls, attempting to avert his eyes, but they kept falling lower as he talked. “So, since I did stop them from getting you… Could we maybe? You’re already pregnant and I don’t have anything, honest.” He trailed off.

Laura grinned and sighed, “Sure, but be quick.” Her mother was such a whore.
Laura walked over and pushed him onto the desk, spreading herself as she crawled on top of him. Maggie snorted, disgusted as her mother mounted him. She slipped him in and began moving her hips. It took mere seconds before he finished. He groaned loudly and made an ugly face. Laura smirked as he filled her. Maggie felt the whole display was quite pathetic. Laura crawled off cupping a hand beneath her so she didn’t drip his seed onto the floor. She noticed Maggie’s revulsion; she walked over and pressed her sticky fingers into Maggie’s blonde mound.

Maggie jerked back, scowling at her mother. “What the hell?”
“You should have some too. I share.” Laura eyed her playfully as she tried to clean herself out.
There was a knock on the door, the man buttoned his pants and handed Laura a rag.
“I need a bathroom.”
“The only one is out there; I wouldn’t suggest using that one.”
Maggie nodded. “Fine, get us some clothes at least.”
He led them to a small dressing room. They found some common, though small, clothes and then they left through the back door.

“I need to get to a bathroom now!” Maggie whined.
“I know, I know,” They walked for a while before Laura pointed. They found a porta-potty that didn’t have a line. Maggie didn’t have a choice; she darted in, nearly gagging from the smell. She released – the sounds echoed and it took her a long time to empty out completely. Her stomached ached from pressing so much water out. She sanitized her hands and staggered out. Laura sat on some nearby steps, her belly peeking from under her shirt.

“Why did you try to put his stuff in me?”
“It won’t matter, I was just being silly.”
“I could get pregnant!”
“Not from that little bit.”
“I could! Don’t do that sort of thing!”
They both met eyes and then Laura looked elsewhere. “He sent me a message.”
“No, I’m done, I’m really done now. I don’t care what he’s going to do to us. I’m finished.”
“You say that each time. We have to do as he says; we are over halfway done now.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Yes I do,” she looked to her phone. “You both did well. Maggie has earned a rest, you haven’t. Just last until the end of the year and I will show you the truth.”
“I’m afraid to know what the plan is, but I’m still done.”
Laura pursed her lips. “Okay. Let’s go home.”

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