Father’s Day


Emma kept trying to put her ordeal behind her. Her mother and sister were free now. Laura had convinced her not to call the police and not to talk about it with Maggie, who seemed to block the whole situation. She hadn’t talked to either of them much since the incident.

Emma had moved to another apartment about an hour’s drive away after her first twisted experience. She knew she couldn’t stay after she had run from the police. She suspected that rumor of a pregnant, naked lady running around the streets would be a story everyone would be quick to share with their friends – especially since she had been carrying a doll in her the whole time. Mike hadn’t lied, though, they didn’t come to arrest her and she hadn’t heard anything about that since she moved.

However, her experience in April was worse. She reached back to feel the scar she had on her hip: the heart shaped brand that Vanessa had given her. She just hoped that she could live her life and try to forget the experience as much as she could. Now she had a job at a department store in a smaller town. It didn’t pay as well as her last job, but it was simple and she was able to afford what she needed. She was putting clothes on hangars when she looked up to see Aaron walk in.

“What are you doing here?”
“I got a message to come he-” He paused and took out his phone. He held his breath as he showed her the picture he had just received. It took her a moment to realize that she was looking at a photo of them through the store’s front window. She looked out to see a man sitting on a bench. Rage flashed in her eyes as she ran to the door. Aaron followed her outside.

The man noticed and stood. He didn’t try to flee. She knew him, but couldn’t place him. “You’re… Emma?”
She suddenly remembered. “Mike? You’re the cop that saw me…” She trailed off and looked to her brother.
“Saw you what?”
“He… is the fucker that has mom!”
“Woah now, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He was suddenly defensive.
Aaron tried to calm her, but she was shaking with anger. “Why the fuck are you taking pictures of us then?”
“I-” He hesitated before pointing at Aaron. “was told to follow him.”
“Why? Who sent you?”

“I don’t know, I just was paid to see who he was going to see today. I never met the person; they just contacted me by email. I had an envelope full of money dropped in my mailbox so I didn’t ask questions. It just told me to send the pictures to that number.”

Emma huffed and started pacing. Aaron nodded. “Okay, he wanted to toy with us then. He knew that we would talk to you and he did say no cops.”
“What are you talking about?” Mike looked to them both, waiting for answers.

She calmed herself before continuing. “A man took my mom that night and forced me to do what you saw. I thought he was finished after that, but he convinced my mom that he wasn’t a motherfuckering psycho somehow and that got us captured and tortured again. Stupid as she is, she has been seeing him and he’s been threatening us, forcing us to do different sick and perverted things.” She breathed deeply and continued in a calmer tone. “He can hurt her and she’s too fucking stupid to see it. My sister chose to stay with her; she hasn’t learned that she isn’t worth saving. That’s why I moved here, I’m done with that shit.” It felt good to tell someone else, she thought.

“You can’t mean that, Emma, she’s our Mother.” Arron spoke in a serious tone.
She stared defiantly. Mike took a moment to process, “Well that is messed up, why don’t you say no?”
Emma rolled her eyes. “Really?” She looked to Aaron again. “Get him out of here. He’s just being used.” She turned and went back inside. She returned to the stack of clothes she had left and draped them over her arm. After a few minutes Aaron came in alone.

“We need to talk. Can we go somewhere private?”
Emma nodded, gathered the remaining clothes, and brought him to the backroom. She sat the clothes down and found a secluded corner, turning to him expectantly.
“I got him to leave it alone for now, but who knows.”
“You’re kidding right? It’s him.”
“Didn’t you hear him, I believed it.”
“Probably a complete fucking lie.”

“Well-“ His phone buzzed and he read the message to himself. Aaron looked up and, as quick as a snake, grabbed her arms. The clothes fell to the ground. While holding her wrists together he brought out a pair of handcuffs to secure them in front of her. It took a moment for the surprise to pass. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Be quiet, he wants this and I have to do it for mom. Just stop fighting!” She thrashed, but he was much stronger. “Stop now or I’ll have to… fine! You must want me to be rough.” He quickly pulled her pants down; leaving her completely exposed. He found a pair of scissors on a table; he used them to cut her pants and panties off, as well as her t-shirt and bra. Her anger subsided and was replaced with embarrassment.

He scanned the shelves and his eyes paused on a bright red, strapless cocktail dress – frills on the lower half. He found her size, pulled it from the hanger, and slid it up her legs. It fit snugly, causing her modest breasts to spill over the top.

Aaron undid his zipper and took out his manhood. She gasped at the sight, as if pulled back to reality. She ran and he chased her. He caught her by the shoulders just as she came to the door to the front area of the store. He spoke softly in her ear. “Do you really want to cause a scene? Didn’t you want to do this when we were younger?”

She started crying softly. “I- Yes, but not like this. We decided that this would be wrong!”
“But, I want you and we have to anyway… for mom!”
“I don’t care. Please don’t do this here.”
She grabbed the doorframe as he held her hips. He licked his finger and started rubbing her below.

“Emma? What are you doing?”
Her eyes popped open. Her head was peeking around the corner and her boss was watching. “Yes, Miss Vaughn?” She stumbled for words. “I- uh- I was just- ugh!“ She felt him prodding her with his cock. He slid in more easily than she liked. “My back has been go- bugging! It has been bugging me lately, my back. Oh, it’s my back.” She let a moan escape at the end. He pushed in to the hilt and pulled out gently. He continued slowly as they talked.

“Can I help?” She looked worried.
“N-No! I’m okay. I just n-need to wor- work these muscles. Oh, my…” She grasped the doorway as his pace increased. Her bosses’ face was tilted in confusion, she started toward her. Emma held out a hand to stop her. “Seriously, I’m fine, let me work it out on my own, just give me a… ah” He rammed her quickly and she felt him emptying inside her. Her heart skipped a beat. “M-mo-moment.”
“All right, let me know if you need help.” Her employer turned and walked away.

Emma waited for him to finish. He slid out and she felt the warmth run down her thigh. “What the fuck did you do?” She whispered angrily.
“I… had to.”
“The fuck you did! You didn’t have to fuck me in front of my boss and you even had the nerve to cum in me? I’m not on any fucking birth control you idiot!”
“I don’t care, I love you.”
“Jesus, I can’t believe this fucking happened. Un-cuff me and let me clean this out.”
“What the hell?”

He pulled her dress down and used her cut pants to wipe off her sticky legs. He put her ruined clothes in the trash and ushered her out the backdoor into his car. She hesitated, but he nudged her along. In his car he handed her a pair of black lace panties that had a small bump in the front. She shook her head and looked to him. “Put them on or I will march you back in there and show her the dress you stole.”

Emma thought about how her boss might react. She slid the panties on; they fit her snugly, being a size too small; the bulge pressed right upon her clitoris. Aaron leaned over and removed her handcuffs. He also showed her a photo of her sister, and someone else suckling upon her mother. She turned away disgusted.

“This is what he’s doing to them. He’s making me do this to you as well. Just do as I say and we’ll be done soon.” They drove a few blocks to the local grocery store. It was a smaller place, but it was busy. They walked in and made their way to the corner of the baking section.
“What are we doing here?”
He handed her a small list. “You have to go get everything on here and then I’ll meet you in the car. If you don’t get something then we’ll both be in trouble.” He walked away.

I can do this, he won’t break me. The list didn’t look special at all: a gallon of milk, grapes, a cucumber, honey, butter, a can of potato soup, and a loaf of hard bread. She took a basket before browsing the produce aisle. She picked an average sized cucumber. As she inspected it the vibrator started and stopped abruptly. She gasped, dropped the vegetable, and it rolled a few feet away. She looked around, but nobody seemed to be watching. She went to grab it, but as she knelt the vibrator came on again. Emma stabilized herself with her hands, and after taking a moment to compose herself, she snatched the cucumber from the ground and arose. The toy still wiggled inside of her as she started walking slowly. She picked up a bag of grapes and placed them in her basket as well – still vibrating. She was becoming wet at this point, but had to press on.

Emma tried to ignore the sensation and made her way to the bakery. She grabbed a loaf and then walked to the dairy aisle slowly. She found a box of butter before proceeding to the coolers. She opened the door; her nipples hardened from the cold air, she breathed deeply. The man next to her gave her a look and then had a double take when he saw her nipples through the tight dress. She placed the milk in her basket just in time – the vibrator went faster. She stumbled and leaned forward, putting her hand on the cooler door to keep her upright. She closed her eyes and moaned louder than she liked; her panties were very moist.

“Uh-are you okay?” The man walked over and put his arm on her shoulder – what a creep, she thought.

She opened her eyes and tried to stand upright. The basket was so much heavier with the milk in it, making it hard to balance. The vibrator went even faster! The man’s arm didn’t hold her, which caused her to fall into him. He staggered backward and caught her, her basket dropped to the ground and she wrapped her arms around him. She couldn’t stop herself by this point; she pressed her head into his chest and her privates onto his thigh. She grunted and held him tightly as he stood in amazement. The vibrating stopped and she stood back, breathing heavily. Her cheeks red with embarrassment. His confusion turned into a wicked grin.

She pushed her dress down, grabbed her basket, and rushed away.
“Hey, wait, what’s your name?”
She ignored him as she walked quickly to find the last two items. She almost tripped as the toy went full blast. She took smaller steps, trying to appear normal to a woman and her daughter standing in her way.
“Ex-CUse me!” She misspoke when the vibrator stopped and, just as quickly, restarted.

They both looked at her uncertainly as the mother moved her cart over. The cart was blocking the soup she needed. The vibrator stopped again after a moment, so she took her chance. She leaned down and reached around the woman, who was trying to ignore her. Emma had to squat to get closer. As she did she realized what was about to happen. It started again causing her to thump the basket on the ground and send the can rolling; she fell onto her knees between the mother and her cart where her daughter was sitting.

“What’s wrong with her, mom?” The mother gasped, stepped around Emma, and pushed their cart away.

The girl watched her, but Emma couldn’t control herself. She put her hand between her legs and shook with another orgasm. Placing the soup in the basket she stood and went to find the last item. She took the first bottle of honey she could find and rushed to the checkout. I am almost there, just pay and leave.

Of course, the vibrator started as soon as she got in line. It became more intense as she waited to pay. She bit her lip as the boy slowly scanned and weighed the items. She pressed against the checkout lane and it made a loud noise against the plastic. Her eyes darted to the people behind her and back to the clerk, who looked to her.

“It was my phone!” She was a little too loud, but he seemed to accept the answer.
Once he finished bagging the items she brought them outside only to be stopped by the woman from earlier, accompanied by a security guard.
“Hold on a minute, ma’am.”
“I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry.” She shifted back and forth, trying to ignore the sensation between her legs.

“I understand that you displayed lewd conduct in front of a minor.” He waited for her response, but she couldn’t focus. She knew she had to suppress the feeling. She had- had to- Her knees buckled as she slumped to the ground, quaking and moaning shamelessly. The vibrator stopped and she waited there to catch her breath. She stood and looked to their irritated and confused faces.
“My lord! Right in front of us?” The woman snapped.
“I have a condition! I get… aroused very easily. I tried this new dress, but it was a mistake.”
“What are you talking about? Does that really exist?” She looked to the officer, he shrugged.
“I am sorry, I have to go, I am bothered by this just as much as you two!” She turned and walked away – luckily they didn’t follow. She found Aaron’s car.
“What the fuck was that?” She reached down as they drove. Her panties were completely soiled. She slid them off and put them on the floorboard. She pulled her dress as low as she could.
“You made it and you know why I had to do it.”
“Fuck you!” She knew he would just ramble on about how he had to save mom. He’d do anything for her, fuck everyone else! Emma had loved him when they were younger, before they knew it was wrong. They had almost had sex once, but Maggie caught them and they never spoke of it again.
“Where are we going?”
“You know where we’re going.”

She knew he meant the place that this started. She sighed and knew that she could struggle and try to flee, but he would probably hurt them. She did still love Aaron, so she decided to let this sick fantasy finish. The kidnapper probably just wanted to watch them have sex, and honestly, she didn’t mind the thought at this point. She laid her seat back and fell asleep, drained.
When they arrived he woke her up and carried the grocery bags into the house. He sat the items on the counter. She followed hesitantly.
“Listen to me and do exactly as I say or you will be punished. Take off your dress.” She narrowed her eyes. “Please, do as I ask, you know it’s-”
“It’s for poor old mom, yes, yes, got it.” She slid her dress over her head and threw it to the corner.
He nodded. “Prepare a meal with those items.” He pointed to the counter.
“Aren’t you going to help?”
He shook his head and sat in a chair.
She rinsed off the grapes, softened a stick of butter, sliced the bread, and warmed the soup. She brought the items to the table. She took out two plates, but he stopped her.
“I already ate, this is all for you.”
“I don’t want this much; I don’t even like milk or cucumbers.”

“Remember you made this dinner for dad when you were younger?” She remembered now. Her dad brought her to the store when she was eight and helped her pick simple items so she could make everything herself. Emma felt so proud when she finished his meal that day.
“Just eat the soup and bread, then.”
She sat, naked, and ate some soup, a handful of grapes, and two pieces of buttered bread with a dab of honey. She even had a small cup of milk. “Okay, I’m full”

He gathered the remaining items on the counter as she took a few more bites. Before she knew what was happening, she had handcuffs on her wrists again. She thrashed as he bent her over the table and tied her ankles to the legs of the table. He secured her snugly. It was an older, sturdy table, and try as she might, she couldn’t lift it in this position. He walked away for a minute and returned with a large bucket and a enema syringe.

“Jesus, you can’t be serious!”
“The text said to have you eat as much as you could and then put the rest in you anyway possible.”
“I am not going to fucking do this! Stop right now or I will never forgive you!”
“Please, sis, just hold this in and then we can be done with this!”
“It never fucking ends, though! Don’t do this!”

“I have to.” He poured the remainder of the soup, the container of honey, and the milk into the bucket. He drew the plunger and brought it to her behind. He pressed it in and shot the mixture into her. She pleaded for him to stop, but he refilled and did it again, and again. The final load was very thick; it went in slowly and felt like paste.
“There, almost done.” He buttered another piece of bread and offered it to her. “You can still eat some of this stuff if you’d like.” She angrily nodded and ate some more bread and a handful of grapes that he fed her. She felt stuffed, but there was still about eight slices of bread left and many grapes.
“Please, please, stop! I can’t do any more.”
“You don’t have a choice.”
“You do! Don’t fucking do this!”
He brought the grapes out of her sight and she felt one press into her, then another, then another. It took a few minutes, and some broke on the way in, but he fit them all inside of her.

“Now the bread. I’ll help you with this one.” She heard water running for a moment and he held a wet, smushed hunk of bread in front of her. He pressed it into her, but it didn’t stay rigid. She felt his fingers pressing the goo in her butt. She grunted and groaned. “Hold it in there’s only one thing left.” He kept his finger in place so nothing could come out. She felt something long nudging against her vagina. She heard him spit and then it slid in more easily. The cucumber, she had almost forgotten about that!

Tears welled up in her eyes. “No, no, no, please… For the love of God, stop!”
“I have to! Just hold It in or we’ll have to do this again.” He pressed it as deep as it would go and carefully removed his finger. He stood back and marveled at the sight of his sister, bent over a table, with her ass full and a cucumber buried into her pussy. “Okay, let it go.”
She turned white. “What? Untie me and let me go to the bathroom!”
He smiled slightly. “No.”

She pleaded and shook, but it took only moments before she couldn’t control herself any longer. The cucumber slid to the floor and the wet bread oozed down her leg. She felt grapes shoot from her backside followed by the soupy mixture. He watched with amusement, grinning when she farted. Why is he doing this to me? “Just let me go.” She whined.

When the torrent stopped he came over and un-cuffed her. He rubbed her butt where the heart had been branded onto her. He undid the rest of her constraints and led her to the shower. He helped her clean up and led her to the couch. She was so drained and weak that she fell asleep within a few minutes.

Aaron stood over her when she opened her eyes. “How was your dinner?”
She couldn’t think straight. She still felt tired and sore. She sat up, now wearing a metallic pink bikini. He wore swimming trunks and a shirt. He motioned her outside and into his car. She complied, being in no mood to argue. She felt far more exposed than she’d like, but she was just glad it was over.

After a few minutes on the road he broke the silence. “Remember how dad always took you to get ice cream after going to the beach? I love you, sis, I didn’t want to do that back there, but I had to.” She sat silently until they came to the ice cream vendor. It was a small establishment that had been there for years before she was born.

“Come on, let’s get a cone.” Emma didn’t feel as bad as she had before, but she didn’t feel like talking. She shook her head. “Come up there and I’ll bring you home right after, promise.”She was so drained that she didn’t question it, she simply nodded.

They walked up and joined the line. Aaron ordered a chocolate cone and she ordered a dipped cone. He paid and pointed her to one of the small nearby tables. He had to grab something from the car. Two families and a couple were sitting nearby, she noticed as she waited. He returned shortly with a towel. “Let’s go for a quick swim after these, okay?” She started to protest, but he stopped her. “Please, it’ll be my way of repaying you for earlier.” The beach was tiny, but it was in sight and the water would feel nice on such a warm day. She agreed. They finished their cones and walked down the pathway to the sand. Aaron removed his shirt and picked her up.

“Don’t you dare!” She screamed and drew in a breath before hitting the water. He was in the water, smiling as she came up. She couldn’t resist a small smile too. “You jerk.” She splashed him.

They played for a time, as they had when they were younger. She was tired and sore, but she was having fun, she couldn’t deny that. He swam closer and dove below. She watched him circle around and come up behind her. He held her hips to stop her from turning. She felt a tug at the strings on her bikini bottom. She looked beneath the water’s surface to see Aaron’s fingers undoing the knots. Her mind raced as she felt his penis press against her bare butt. He held her close and whispered in her ear. “You want this too, don’t you?”

She had reservations, but after all of the pain she had endured she couldn’t say no. “Y-yes. Do it.” He took a moment to find his way into her. When he finally entered her pussy it felt amazing. Sex underwater had been a mild fantasy since she had been seventeen and had sex in a friend’s hot tub.

Emma breathed deeply, trying not to moan. People sat closer than she would’ve liked, but the extra risk was actually exciting her now. This was the first time since New Years that Emma enjoyed sex. She had worried that it would never be fun anymore. But, this felt amazing! She leaned forward, putting her legs to his sides. He held her just at the right angle to keep her head high and her butt low. He slid in and out with slight splashes. The small amount of water that came in and out with each thrust felt wonderful. A couple of people were watching them at this point, but she doubted they could see anything incriminating.

His rhythm increased. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum in you, sis.” She couldn’t tell him to stop. She leaned back, pressing against him as much as she could. She felt his warmth inside her. The sensation sent her over the edge. She closed her eyes and began to orgasm. She gasped a little too loudly, but she couldn’t resist. She opened her eyes to see a man standing on the edge of the water. His eyes narrowed in confusion. “Miss, are you okay?”

Emma splashed for a moment before she stood once again. Aaron still held her hips. “Yes, yes, I’m fine.” Something caught her eye. She looked over to see her bikini bottoms floating away. The man saw them too. She couldn’t get them without giving him a wonderful view, so she just covered herself. “I’m sorry, just don’t say anything.”

His face turned red and he nodded quickly. He walked back to his family and asked them to leave. She moved up and Aaron’s member fell out. He slid up his shorts. “That was fun.”
She nodded. “Go get my bottoms back so we can go.”

He walked onto the sand and picked them up, put them in his pocket, and gave her a smile. She watched him walk up the path to the parking lot. He fucking left me! She took a few minutes to walk to a secluded area of the beach. She emerged from the water and ran to a tree, using her hands to cover her privates. She ducked into a nook and watched for the family and couple to be looking elsewhere. She thought she had her chance: she sprinted to the towel that Aaron had left on a chair. The man from the couple turned right as she reached the towel. His eyes widened as Emma stretched out to reach it. His companion turned to see as well. Emma grabbed the towel and dropped it immediately. She bent down to pick it up, knowing that she exposed herself even more.

The family was still oblivious, but the couple watched with marvel. She wrapped the towel around herself and started walking quickly for the lot. She passed close to them and they started laughing. It was a long walk to get back, but luckily Aaron was still there, waiting in his car.
“I found these for you.” He handed her the bikini bottoms.
“Fuck you. Why did you do that?”
“I’m sorry; I was just playing a joke.”
“Don’t do that again, understand?”
“Yes, but you had fun didn’t you?”

The question caught her off guard. “Well, I guess, but… But you fucking tortured me yesterday and you fucked me in front of my boss and a bunch of other people today!”

He started the car. “Listen, yesterday wasn’t my doing. Today was my way of making it up to you. I love you and I don’t mean to really hurt you. I just want to play with you a little, honest!” He put his hand on her thigh and smiled. She really wasn’t sure how she felt about that. He did make her feel younger and happier. I do want to be with him, as wrong as that is. I guess there is no turning back now. After a while her thoughts turned back to Mike. There has to be a way to outsmart him. They discussed the topic as they drove home.

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