Her Own Medicine


The fountain had been quite the buzz recently. People had been spreading last week’s video on the internet and it had garnered many views and even a couple who had tried to use the fountain nozzles to practice their own deviance. The police finally took notice and posted a guard to watch it during the day. During the night they turned it off and locked the control box.

Natalie hatched a plan to get revenge on her sister for recording them before. It was Sunday night and Natalie and Sarah would be heading back to their mother’s place tomorrow evening. Melanie sat on her couch, uncertain. She heard the back door open and Natalie came in with a subdued Sarah in tow. Sarah wore a simple lavender bikini that was tight upon her small frame. Sarah’s eyes narrowed upon seeing Melanie.

“How did you get her to come along?” Melanie asked.
“I have her phone in a safe place. I found a few videos that she had recorded of herself; they were very interesting is all I’ll say.” Natalie smiled at her sister.
Sarah met her eyes with pure anger. Natalie slapped her rear and motioned them outside. “Come on, sis, let’s go!” Sarah followed silently, as did Melanie.

The sun had just set; it was still warm as they walked toward the park. They passed a few pedestrians before they came to the entrance. Natalie peered around the corner before motioning them ahead. “It’s clear, we should be set.” They walked the path and noticed someone sitting in the bench opposite the non-functioning fountain. He appeared to be in his late twenties and he looked a little nervous. He stood as they approached.

“Natalie? I’m Josh.”
“Hi, can you get them working?”
“Sure, I switched the lock earlier so we can open it now. I also set up a camera. I also added this.” He held a simple remote that had five buttons on it. He pressed the first one and the fountain started on its low setting in a continuous stream. He pressed the stop button and grinned.
“Nice. How much do you want?”
“70 – That covers my trip.”
Natalie found the cash in her pocket and handed him payment. “Okay, Melanie you keep an eye out and Sarah, you plant your ass right there.” She pointed to the closest nozzle.

Sarah’s eyes darted between them. She uncharacteristically began crying. “Please, I’m sorry, don’t make me do this. I promise I’ll do anything else you want.”
“No, you’re going over there or I will send that video around the school and ruin your life.”
Her crying quickly trailed off. “You fucking sack of shit. I’m going to get you back for this, I fucking swear.”
“We’ll see. Just do as I say and I’ll give you your phone back and I promise no one will hear of it.”

Sarah swore under her breath as she stomped, barefoot, over the rail and came to the fountain nozzle. She licked her finger and moved her bikini bottom, pressing her finger into her ass. She loosened herself as she glared at the group. Melanie, Natalie, and Josh all sat on the bench, waiting.

“You fuck heads, you want a show? I’ll give you a fucking grand show!” She brought herself lower, leaning back to sit on the nozzle. She grunted as it entered. “Okay, go ahead and fucking do it, you creep.”
Josh handed the remote to Natalie. “You do the honors.” Natalie smiled and pressed the first button.
Sarah lifted slightly as the water flowed into her. She started cussing, gritting her teeth. After about 20 seconds Natalie pressed the stop button.
Sarah breathed heavily, her belly pressed out slightly as she leaned back. “That all you got you fucking whore? Pump me full, I can take it!”
“Okay, you asked for it.” She pressed the third button, giving a glance to Josh. He smiled. Sarah balled her fists and shook with the thrust of water. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Yeah, fill me up! Fill me to the brim you bitch!” Her stomach began swelling. The bikini bottoms stretched even tighter against her belly. Her entire body was shaking when the water stopped. “Oh my god! You can show a girl a good time, can’t you, slut? I need more, I’m barely even wet!”

“She is such soft spoken girl, isn’t she?” Josh asked sarcastically.
“She is especially bad when she’s upset. I don’t think she likes this, but she says she wants more.”
“Better please the lady then.”
“What does the fifth button do?”
“It is full blast, it is still safe, but it’s the maximum.”
Natalie pressed the fifth button. Sarah screamed as her belly rumbled and grew. She squirmed at first and after a few more seconds she began to flail, trying to get up. After a few tries she laid back, limp. “You fucking bitch, I can’t take anymore! Stop, stop now! Please!”

Natalie stopped the fountain. Sarah relaxed a little, her stomach swelled high. She looked like she was a few months pregnant, the nozzle was completely hidden beneath her. Her belly made many strange noises as she lay there, motionless.

“Okay, turn off the camera.” Natalie gave him the remote and walked closer with Melanie, they helped Sarah to stand. It was difficult for them to help her up with so much water weight. After many careful movements they brought her to the bench. Natalie brought out a butt plug and showed it to her sister. “This will help you contain yourself.” Natalie giggled. Sarah gave a pained look as she felt her sister press it into her. Sarah was groaning and cursing as they sat her down, butt-plug in place.

Josh watched with a grin. “Now it’s your turn.” He looked to them both.
“W-what?” Melanie looked to Natalie for answers. She shrugged, confusion plain on her face.
“I could call the police. They did say they’d throw anyone doing this in jail just to set an example. I don’t think the three of you would be able to get away in time with this one slowing you down. You could leave her to go to jail, but I don’t think you’re that heartless.”

He was right. Natalie sighed deeply, “Fuck me.”
He grinned wickedly. “No thanks, I just want to watch.” He gestured to the fountain. “Have a seat.” He nudged Melanie forward. “You too; you don’t want them to have all the fun, do you?”
Melanie and Natalie walked past the railing, stopping next to separate nozzles.
“Natalie, you use the one she used. I want to make sure you both are in the picture.”
“You sick bastard.”
“You’re one to talk. You’re the one that likes to be filled like a water balloon. Sit on it or I’ll make the call.”
Natalie lowered her head and slid her shorts down slightly. Melanie unfastened her pants and brought them down as well. They both lowered themselves onto the nozzles carefully. The water provided enough lubrication; they pushed down until they popped inside.

Sarah stared, pained, as she held her large belly. Air bubbles moved inside and caused sudden discomfort; she grimaced and groaned. Josh put his arm on her knee as he held out the remote with his other hand, pressing a button.

Natalie felt the burst of air enter her, followed by a thick stream of water. She watched Melanie being pumped full beside her. She reached out and found her hand. Melanie opened her eyes and looked to her nervously. The flow increased; Melanie’s head snapped back as her belly slowly grew outward. Natalie bit her lip and reached to touch herself; moments later she began to quiver. Her orgasm was short and intense. The pleasure was quickly replaced with outright pain as she continued to grow. The fountain continued to fill them. It wasn’t long before their stomachs matched Sarah’s.

“Please stop!” Melanie yelled to Josh. He responded with a grin and a press of another button. The pressure was far greater than Natalie had ever experienced. The burst of air and water caused her to tense and lift herself, trying desperately to get off of the nozzle. Instead she merely caused herself pain as it popped out and quickly back in when she was unable to stand. She was helpless as the jet of water continued filling her. She watched in horror as her belly expanded, faster than she had ever seen. Soon her belly had become twice the size of Sarah’s. She looked as if she was carrying triplets in front of her. She hadn’t ever been this big before.

Finally, the water stopped. Natalie and Melanie sat, stunned and breathless. Their faces showed their pain as the air and water churned inside of them. They panted and strained until the sensation passed. Josh motioned them to stand. Natalie was the first to attempt to rise. She carefully lifted herself until the nozzle came out. She used momentum to roll over, resting on her hands and knees. Her stomach rested upon the ground as well. She breathed deeply, gathering her strength, and attempted to stand. She failed and stumbled before falling back to her hands and knees. Suddenly she felt something pop into her ass. She squealed and jumped forward.

She looked back to see Sarah, smiling as she rested her hands on her own exposed, swollen belly. “Hah, fuck you too.” She had inserted a butt plug. She waddled over to Melanie and attempted to help her off of the nozzle. Melanie wiggled back and forth before she succeeded, but she slipped on the wet ground and pulled Sarah on top of her. Luckily Melanie missed the nozzle on the way back down. They both yelled in pain as their bellies pressed together.

Sarah rolled over her and came to rest beside her, lying. “Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck cakes.” She shoved Melanie away, angrily. Melanie came to rest on her side, facing away from Sarah. Sarah searched the area. She picked something up and inserted it into the exposed rear in front of her. Melanie yelped and cried as she lied there, unable to stop the object being forced into her backside. Sarah pulled her victims pants up as well as she was able.

“Now we all can be fat together. Are we done with this shit, Josh? I did what you wanted.”
Josh nodded, “Yeah, I think I’ve seen enough.” He walked behind the bushes and began to pack up.
“What about us? Help us up, you prick!” Sarah’s voice cracked as she yelled to the sky, leaning her head back.
“You’re fucked.” He rummaged in the bushes for about five minutes before he reemerged with a case. “It was fun. See you guys around.” He left.

Melanie started to panic. “He left? What are we supposed to do now?”
“You dip-shits, I don’t know. She got us into this, she get us out.”

Natalie used all her strength to attempt to stand, but failed yet again. She began to cry as she lied there, immobile. Sarah grunted and hoisted herself to her feet. She stood shakily. “Let me empty out and I’ll help you sluts.” She shuffled to the railing and cautiously passed over it. She made it to the bench when the light blinded them.

“You, stop there!” Sarah froze as the officers came closer. “What are you-“ The speaker stopped mid-sentence as his partner’s flashlight illuminated the two burdened women lying in the fountain area. They whispered to one another for a few moments. “Well, you deviants just don’t seem to learn; we’re going to bring you in.” He reported in on his radio and they came to stand beside Natalie. He asked her name as they both grabbed an arm to help her up. They all strained to get her on her feet. “Jesus,” his partner spoke, “I didn’t know this was possible.” Natalie pulled her shorts up as far as she could, but they wouldn’t come close to zipping.

They asked all sorts of questions as they came over to help Melanie up. Melanie answered most of them, honest and weeping. She told them about Josh and how he accepted payment and forced them to sit on the fountains. It took a few minutes, but they eventually got her standing as well. As they stabilized they heard a noise; they turned to see Sarah running as fast as she could towards one of the park’s exits. Though, she didn’t realize just how slowly she was running. Her belly sloshed from side to side, throwing her off balance after five or six steps. She started again and again, not going very far each time.

The second police officer carefully let go of Melanie and took up the chase. He only needed to jog to catch up. Her belly sprang back and forth with each step; her small frame causing it to be more pronounced. He came up beside her and put his hands on her shoulders to stop her. They talked for a moment before they turned and began walking back.

“So, why the hell do you guys do this?”
“We liked the feeling, but it was forced on us tonight, I swear. I didn’t want to ever come back here, I promise.” Melanie pleaded.
He nodded. “I believe you, and I want to catch this guy, but you don’t have any proof. You also told me you were going to force her to do this, right?”
Natalie broke in, “Well, yes, but she did it to us first! She brought us down here with her friends. That’s how the video started.”
“Video? Is that why people have been trying to do this?”

Natalie hanged her head. Melanie answered instead. Once his partner returned with Sarah he placed them under arrest. Their stomachs had been making all sorts of odd noises as they spoke. He read them their rights and motioned them down the walkway to their car at the entrance.
“Wait,” Natalie squealed, “Let us go to the bathroom!”
“Please!” Melanie added.

“I’m sorry, but we don’t want you to run and we need to get back to the station. It’s only a few blocks away; you’ll have to last until then.”

Melanie started sobbing softly. They ignored her as they waddled down the walkway. Each step made them sway heavily from side to side. They weren’t used to the enormous bellies and extra weight in front of them. Air bubbles occasionally moved in them and caused intense pain, causing them to stop for a moment. None of them spoke as they walked, but they all groaned and sighed. The policemen reassured them from time to time. They finally reached the car and the policemen helped each of them inside. Natalie was the last one in. She had to squeeze to fit in the backseat with her full bodied friends. Sitting caused the butt-plug to press deeper.

Packed together, their faces showed their discomfort over each slight bump. They didn’t ride long before they came to the station. The officers led them inside. About seven people stood around the receptionist’s desk and watched wordlessly as they walked heavily to the bathroom. They brought them into the ladies room and left them to empty privately. The sounds that followed were loud, unpleasant, and surely heard in the quiet lobby. The receptionist came to check on them from time to time. After about 20 minutes they all finished.

They were now weak and irritable, but Natalie came out smiling. They cleaned up and then she showed her phone to Melanie; it played the video Josh had recorded. It started with Sarah walking to the fountain, preparing herself and sitting on the nozzle. It showed them all getting filled and being influenced by a threatening male voice.

Melanie looked horrified. “Where did you find this?”
“That asshole posted it, but this means we have evidence!”
The door opened and the receptionist came in again. She brought them outside to the nearly empty entrance-way. Only the two officers were there now. They showed them the video. The receptionist was disgusted, the other two watched curiously. After it finished they brought Natalie’s phone to a side room and talked to someone else. They returned after some time.

“You’re free to go, but we still have to fine you for vandalism and public indecency.” They all nodded, relieved. Melanie accepted the citation. “Don’t ever do this again or we won’t be so forgiving next time. We’ll look into this guy; what was his name?”
“Josh is all I know.” Natalie took her phone back.
“Okay, we made a copy for evidence and noted the website to track his I.P. Anything else you can tell us?”

They gave a somewhat vague description, but it didn’t really matter at this point if they caught him. They were free and able to go home! They gave them a ride to Melanie’s place and Sarah walked home from there. Natalie lingered on the front steps. “I’m sorry this happened, all of this. We’ll help pay the fines.”
“It’s okay, are you still going to keep in touch?”
“Of course! We’ll have to plan a trip back here soon.”
“You may not want to come back if that video spreads around.”
“I’ll come back for you.” Natalie rubbed her shoulder before leaning forward and kissing her.
Melanie smiled weakly. “Go home and get some rest. We’ll talk before you go.”

Natalie nodded, kissed her once more, and left. It had been a disaster, but she knew she hadn’t seen the last of Melanie. The video was out there, but at least she could watch it again and again. As odd as it was, she also kind of enjoyed watching her sister in pain. Today wasn’t all bad.

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