Humble Prayer Part 1


It had been months and still Elise had no children. Something must be wrong with her, she realized. Niles, her lover, urged her to visit the nearby temple and ask for the gods favor. She passed through the archway and came into the grand hall. A cleric led her to a private room and closed the door. Many candles illuminated the markings of the five gods.

“Divine souls, I ask for your blessings. My parents have passed and I ask for fulfillment. I pray for a family with healthy children.” She lowered her head and made the required gestures. She raised her head to see the candles had all gone out. In the darkness she sensed figures standing around her. Suddenly the candles relit and she was alone yet again. She gathered herself and went home, thinking it had merely been a hallucination. She didn’t share the details of her experience with her lover.

The next day she went to the stream to gather water while Niles set out to hunt. They struggled since her parents had passed a few weeks ago. They were too young to find food reliably. Their parent’s shelter had burned during the night and both must have died in their sleep. Elise and Niles had been travelling home with a new dairy cow from the next town. The cow had fallen during the walk home, though, and they had no choice but to leave it behind. Nothing was going well for her, it seemed. At least she had Niles.

She knelt at the water’s edge and watched her reflection; she was looking more malnourished than she had realized. She was petite, but she looked a bit smaller than she had been the last time she looked. Her exposed breasts were barely noticeable and her hips were almost straight. Her body must be the reason she couldn’t bear children. She filled the bucket and began to leave. She noticed the outline of a woman appear in front of her. “My child, I am Hurmia, God of the Living and the Dead. I have heard your prayers and I give my blessing unto you.” Elise didn’t know if this was real; she bowed and said a prayer.

“I shall give you three children, but there must be a price. I have drawn the souls of your mother, father, and your brother and placed them into you. When you birth them they will not know, but you shall. It shall be another chance for you to enjoy your entire family.”

Elise dared to speak. “But I had no brother.”
“You did, though he did not live through childbirth.”

She was astonished, yet she knew it must be true. “Praise you, my lord.” She bowed her head low. When she looked again the visage had vanished. Her head was spinning and she felt ill. She sat in the grass, trying to wrap her mind the event. She would be a mother! It was such a wondrous feeling. She collected herself and brought the water back to their hovel. She was elated, but it would be hours before Niles would be back. She headed to the forests edge to forage for berries. Her basket was half full when she noticed another visage, this time it appeared to be male.

“I am Johlin, God of the Wilds. I have heard your summons and I shall offer you another boon. I sense that you carry life inside and I shall grant you the ability to nourish them. I shall allow your milk to constantly replenish so you may also feed your mate.”

Elise started to speak, but was interrupted by pressure in her breasts. Her small bosoms began to expand before her eyes. She cupped them in her hands as they expanded. They grew until they overflowed beyond her grasp, heavy with milk. She removed her hands and let them rest normally. They were firm yet springy. She poked them and felt aroused. The image of the god had left, she noticed.

Two blessings from two gods in one day was amazing! She grabbed the basket and started to jog. The newly formed breasts made any sort of running difficult, so she slowed to a quick walk instead. She didn’t mind, she marveled at them with each step. She came home and sat down to rest. Her back was strained from the new found weight. She felt them as she rested. Closing her eyes and relaxing, she trailed a hand lower. She explored herself carefully, and within moments she trembled with delight. She opened her eyes to see another figure.

“You seem to be enjoying your gifts, I see. I am the goddess of Passion; allow me to assist you further.” Elise felt her hips expand as she sat. She looked down and noticed that only her rear grew, her waist stayed the same. “I give you proper hips to bear children and the desire to enjoy your gifts.” Elise also felt her lower region moisten. The goddess faded out of sight. Examining herself, she noted that her legs and waist had lengthened as well. She looked well-proportioned with her new endowments. She was elated!

Hours passed and she pleasured herself more than once while waiting. Niles returned to her just before she began again. He came back empty handed, but she didn’t care. He was stunned to see the curvaceous, buxom beauty standing before him. “Elise, is that you?”

“The gods have blessed me!” She didn’t wait for a response; she tore his loin cloth off and mounted him on the ground. She rode him slowly, pressing him as deep as she could. It didn’t take long before she felt him pulsing inside her. She continued and finished shortly after he did. She stayed on top of him as she offered him her breast to suckle. “Drink from me.” He might have protested, had she not pressed her nipple into his mouth. He drank her milk hungrily. She lay there, enjoying the sensation. After a few minutes he began thrusting again and she followed his movements. He continued to drink as she rode him. The feeling as he orgasmed inside her and sucked upon her breast was euphoric.

A few months passed and her belly grew steadily. She knew she was growing about twice as fast compared to a normal woman. She learned that the supply of milk in her breasts didn’t diminish. So, she also drank from herself for sustenance. The feeling aroused her just as much, so she usually drank while Niles entered her. The couple fornicated many times daily. They both drank from a breast during some occasions. They occasionally bathed in the stream and he attempted to hunt for some variation in their diet, but she missed him dearly during those times.

Elise knew her children were nearly ready to enter the world. She could barely stand now, and had to rely on Niles sometimes. Her breasts rested upon her belly, which had grown to nearly an arm length in front of her. Her butt provided much more cushion since it had expanded; she didn’t mind sitting for long periods. Niles left to get some water so she could clean up after the upcoming delivery. He wasn’t gone long before another figure stood before her.

“Do you know who I am, human?” She recognized his antlers; he was the God of Deceit.
“Kinok,” she bowed in her seat as much as she was able.
“I see you have enjoyed your blessings, yes?”
“I have! The gods have been generous.”
“They have not; that was merely my doing, I just appeared in different forms.” He paused for effect. “Didn’t you think it strange that three gods gave you blessings for your menial plight? They don’t care about some humans who can’t have a child. It is trivial compared to the war to the north and the plague to the east.”
She didn’t want to believe it. “They are merciful, they see everything. They help where it is needed. My family must be destined for great things!”
Kinok laughed. “You are somewhat right. They don’t interfere with my plan with you and you are destined for great things. Enough talk, I have come to bestow my final blessings.”

Elise felt her loins burn. She couldn’t see below her belly, but it was a strange, warm sensation. She used her hands to explore. Something was growing! Her vagina had sealed and now a penis had appeared. It was slowly growing longer as she held it. Kinok laughed deeply. “Now you can enjoy your blessings forever!” She couldn’t give birth now! She would have to carry her children inside of her and be burdened for the rest of her life. She began to cry. She had read of Kinok’s treachery before. He loved to torment mortals.

He laughed again. His laughing faded and so did his image. She wept for a long time before she calmed down. Eventually she tried to stand with her immense weight. She jumped to her feet, the momentum causing her belly, breasts, and backside to shake. He must have strengthened her. She stood with ease and her arms felt stronger too. At least she could move again. She felt her penis and it had grown to double the size of Niles’. It felt so smooth and she began to stroke it as she had on Niles before. It felt wonderful.

She heard something and turned to the doorway. Niles walked in the door and dropped the three fish he had been carrying. He stared at her newly formed member, horrified. It pointed towards him, erect and tingling. She needed him more than ever. She walked to him and he stepped back. She stopped and began to plead. “Please, Kinok did all of this to me and I need you!” He stepped back again, she couldn’t resist; she ran and pushed him to the ground. He couldn’t begin to fight her off. He was already erect, so she used her mouth to moisten it. After a few licks she straddled him and lowered her butt onto the tip. She had never done this before, but she needed him inside her. It hurt as he entered her, but the pleasure outweighed the pain. She lowered herself farther until he was all the way in. She clenched and felt him filling her rear. She was agitated by the sudden finish. She stood up and turned him over, he struggled and flailed, landing his heel directly on her newly formed organ.

Elise toppled backwards and wailed. She finally understood how fragile that area was. When she could see correctly again she saw Niles, running as fast as he could, toward the nearby village. Her head swam in pain and grief. She ran faster than she had ever been able to. She tackled Niles, tumbling in the grass. She felt something crack beneath her. She looked to his face and saw the expression of terror. He went limp and his eyes rolled back. She understood what had happened: she had broken his neck. She screamed as she cradled him, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Nima heard a scream. Curiosity led her over the hill to see two people in the distance. She was uncertain if she should investigate, but her father always said to help when you can. She ran, but it took a few minutes before she came close enough to see the couple. A very heavily pregnant woman held her mate. He must be hurt! She came closer and the woman finally noticed her.

“What’s wrong?” She stopped a few feet back.
“I-I killed him!”
Nima stepped back instinctively, but didn’t think she posed a threat in her condition. She moved forward cautiously. The man lay limply, he looked pale. “I’ll go get father.”

Before she could turn the woman tossed the body aside easily. She stood and Nima gaped at the massive… thing… between her legs. It was hanging, but it was still impressive. As she watched it began to rise. It looked as if it was pointing at her. She was mesmerized and her loins were warm and wet in spite of her fear. The woman jumped upon her and they tumbled. She felt the warm, pulsing organ enter her. She opened her eyes to see the large belly and breasts looming closely. The woman smiled devilishly, a primal lust in her eyes. She pressed deeper until the whole thing was hidden inside of her. The sensation was painful at first, but after a minute it became pleasant. Nima had never experienced anything like this before. She didn’t know what was happening.

The swollen woman continued to thrust into her for many minutes. Nima could not escape from beneath the woman, so she lied there and accepted the object with mild pleasure. Nima felt her face warm; something was building inside of her. The woman grunted and pressed it deeply; she felt something warm filling her loins as the object wiggled inside her. Nima moaned, a euphoric feeling washing over her.

The burdened woman withdrew and rolled onto her back. They lay side by side. The woman rolled onto her side, her breasts and belly rested upon the grass. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop myself. I hope it wasn’t too bad for you.”
“It-it was nice. I didn’t mind. I mean, I did at first, but it was nice at the end.” She couldn’t stop smiling.
The woman leaned closer and kissed her. Nima followed her lead and continued to roll her onto her back. She crawled upon her and inserted the still rigid organ into her again. She moved her hips at an increasing pace. Her breasts were small, but they helped to increase her motions. She watched the other woman’s breasts flow with the movements. Nima steadied herself as she rested upon the large belly between them. They held each other close as the woman filled her for a second time. Nima tensed with delight as the woman pressed into her.

Nima rolled to the grass again. “That was wonderful.”
“It was. I have the urge to do that often, would you mind coming home with me tonight?”
Nima relished in that idea, but then thought of her father. “I want to, but I have to go home. If I come back tomorrow will you be here?”
“I shall, be here at dawn.”

Nima headed back to town and she arrived home to see her father packing a satchel. “Nima, my dear! Pack your belongings, we are traveling west.”
Her heart sank. “Why?”
“I have heard of an amazing new discovery! They call it metal and I think we can be rich if we go now.” Nima couldn’t argue with her father. She wanted the sensation again, but she ached from the newfound pleasure. She didn’t contest, she began packing.

Elise barely lasted through the night even with self pleasure. She didn’t sleep well, and became agitated when the girl didn’t show up where they had met the day before. She couldn’t wait any longer. She headed closer to town and found a pair of women walking to the stream. They saw her and didn’t seem to care. She came closer and they finally noticed the unusual organ between her legs. They gasped and walked closer. “My dear, how did you receive that?” They both stared, wide eyed.

She had to control herself for a little longer. “This was a blessing from the gods! I have been sent to spread pleasure to anyone who shall accept me!”

The taller, lanky woman stepped forward, dropping her bucket. She rubbed a hand upon the organ. “By Pashia, this is a blessing indeed.” She knelt and put her mouth upon it. Elise nearly finished, but the woman drew back, sensing her arousal. “Not yet, you must give me your blessing. She sat in the grass and removed her loincloth. “Come into me.” The other woman watched silently, uncertain of the situation. Elise lowered herself onto the woman, careful not to rest her belly upon the small woman. She prodded until she felt the warmth of her opening. It was extremely moist; she slid in all the way and it took two thrusts before she emptied herself into her. This merely raised the accepting woman’s arousal. She demanded that Elise continued.

After a moment Elise resumed. This time it lasted far longer. The woman beneath her moaned and writhed in pleasure. The woman licked upon her breast and began to drink from her as they coupled. This feeling heightened the pleasure; a short time later they both shook with orgasm. Her seed flowed from the woman as she withdrew.

The spectating woman came closer. “It must not be wasted!” She reached down to catch the sperm dripping down her friend’s loins. When she had a notable amount in her cupped hand she brought it under her loincloth. She pressed the substance inside herself. She sighed as she removed her sticky fingers. The woman knelt. “Would you allow me to receive some of your blessing?” The woman had black, messy hair and perky breasts. Elise couldn’t resist, she nodded. The woman undid her loincloth and turned around, offering her exposed rump. It was wider than her friend’s, but it was so smooth and soft.

Elise’s organ was so slippery that she accidentally entered the woman’s other hole. It was unimaginably tight! The woman shrieked and jerked forward. The motion caught Elise off guard and she fell onto the woman, pinning her beneath her heavy belly. The woman squirmed and that was enough for Elise to finish. Unwilling to pull out, she filled the poor girl’s butt. She finally withdrew and stood. The girl held a hand over her backside and went rigid. She cried as she lay upon her back.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop. It was so tight!”
The woman’s crying subsided. “It-it’s okay. It was meant to be. The gods willed it.” She sniffled and saw that Elise was still erect. She held her legs back. “May I please have more, goddess.”

Goddess? The idea was outlandish. She was merely blessed by the gods. She felt anger arise at the foolish girl. Praising someone who hurt you seemed stupid to her. She found a hole and pressed as deep as she could. It was her butt again. The girl sobbed as she plunged into her ass. It was still unimaginably tight. Elise pulled out to the tip and quickly pressed all the way back in. The girl must have been in immense pain, yet she still held her legs open, weakly. Elise felt that she should give this girl some small blessing. She pounded her as roughly as she could; about to climax, she pulled out and pushed into her vagina as far as it would go. She shot into her, allowing her belly to press upon the girl. She wrapped around Elise, hugging her as she filled her.

The girl’s eyes looked broken, yet hopeful. At that point Elise questioned herself: could she be a goddess now? No, but maybe she should act as if she was and leave out the detail that it had actually been Kinok’s blessing. She thought that would be the best way to find more people to mate with; she had an overwhelming urge to spread her seed by any means. She stood, her penis finally limp, “My child, I am not a goddess. I am but a faithful servant of Pashia. Bring more followers upon the dawn to receive her blessing. Your service shall be rewarded. You may drink from me before you depart.” Elise offered her swollen breasts to them. They sheepishly approached and began to suckle. She asked their names.

The raven haired woman spoke. “I am Villa, and this is Serrah.” The scrawny girl nodded without removing the breast from her mouth. Villa spoke again. “What is your name?”
Elise wanted to keep the ruse alive. “My name is no longer important. I am your mistress.”
“Yes mistress,” she latched again. Elise didn’t like her for some reason. She couldn’t figure out the reason, but she knew she needed her to gather more followers for her to use.
They drank their fill and she sent them on their way. Elise didn’t bother going home, she felt content to sleep in the grass tonight.

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