The stadium was a large circular area with immense stone walls, which stood about 20 feet high. The mostly green field was spotted with patches of dead grass and dirt. There were numerous ruined cars and small wooden structures for cover. There were no seats for spectators, only large cameras in each of the four color-coded towers that had been built into the outside of the walls. There was a closed doorway for each tower and a loudspeaker above each doorway.

“Tonight’s battle will test four women who know their way around a firearm. Remember, this is a game of ratings, so death is not the purpose. The judges shall give out scores at the end of the match based on their overall performance. Tonight’s theme is inflation! Now, let’s meet the ladies!”

The red tower’s door opened and a girl that looked to be about 20 walked out. She wore a faded red jacket over her dirty t-shirt and jeans. Her hair was mostly pulled into a ponytail, with a few stray strands. “This is Zoey from the Left 4 Dead universe. This plucky, petite young lady is wielding the M16 submachine gun.” She smiled and waved.

Next the yellow tower’s door opened. A busty woman with a waist length braid stepped forth. Her eyes matched her auburn hair. She wore a teal tank top with brown short shorts. “This girl needs no introduction! The world-renown Tomb Raider: Lara Croft! Feisty and hailing from Wimbledon, she is sporting dual pistols.”

A woman wearing a gray jumpsuit appeared next, her suit unzipped to reveal her cleavage. Her hair was long and blonde and her features dainty.  “In front of the green tower stands Sniper-Wolf from Metal Gear Solid. She is holding her trusty PSG-1 sniper rifle.” She bowed her head.

“Last comes the blue player – she helped stop the Umbrella Corporation time and again. A former Delta Force member, from Raccoon City: Jill Valentine.” She was dressed in a light blue tube top, short black skirt, and knee-high boots. Her facial features were wide and well rounded.  “Her weapon of choice is the Beretta 92FS pistol.” She held it up and grinned.

“All of your weapons have been modified to fire special darts. These darts all contain a special mixture that will inflate your target by varying amounts. So, there you have it. Remember, the crowd is watching, so give them a show! Begin!”

The girls scattered. Lara darted forward, shooting at the girl in the red jacket as she ran. Zoey found some cover and returned fire. Lara did a cartwheel over a ruined car. A dart hit her ankle; she knelt between two cars and pulled the dart out. Her breasts started to grow as she waited. Zoey capitalized on her distraction and ran ahead. She found a gap and fired again. Another dart hit Lara before she could move. Her breasts swelled again; she rested them upon her crossed arms as she ran, her shirt barely covering them now. She shot as she sprinted.

Two darts hit Zoey – she felt warm as her body swelled. She fell, unable to move as she grew; her clothes stretched, and when three more darts hit her they finally started to tear.

She rolled clumsily behind cover and waited for the growth to cease. She inspected and readied herself to move again. She looked very chubby now. “Man, they must’ve been some unhealthy bullets. I need to go for a jog after this.”
“Perhaps eating some greens will help.” Lara spoke from the distance, “shall we get on with it then?”

“Sure, why not?” Zoey ran, slower than she expected. Lara held her breasts as she bounded forward. Both shot at each other, hitting multiple times. They both stumbled and fell, ceasing fire. Lara’s breasts poured over her arms. She dropped her guns, trying to hold them, but she eventually gave up and let them hang. She grabbed her guns and found cover. She slid her shirt up to accommodate the growth. Lara leaned back and waited as her breasts ballooned outward, resting heavily upon her stomach.

Zoey’s body sagged with the newfound weight. Her body widened and she tumbled. Her clothes tore further as she skidded along the pavement and her rifle flew out of her grasp. She was hurting all over as she lied there. After a moment she was able to roll over and rise to her feet. She removed her jeans as fast as she could as well as her torn jacket. Her t-shirt had become too stretched to remove easily now. She felt huge, but at least she still had an hourglass figure. “Jesus, things really did go pear-shaped!”

She noticed Lara standing a few paces away, holding the M16 she had dropped. “Poor thing, I think you need to perk up.” She shot Zoey three times before it was out of ammo. She smiled as Zoey’s chest swelled, causing her shirt and bra to stretch to the limit, digging into her skin. She tried to unclasp her bra under the shirt, but was unable to reach. She stumbled forward and felt something pinch her backside. Her butt grew outward quickly. She regained her balance, screaming as her panties also strained and cut into her skin. She pulled, unable to tear them. She stumbled forward, carelessly attempting to free herself from her straining underclothes.

Lara had been hit as well. Her bum rounded and stretched her shorts, skin peeking above and below the material. The pull caused them to press into her pussy. “Ugh, that doesn’t feel right.” She dove behind a car, which allowed her time to cut her shorts and panties off. Her shirt was raised high by her enormous breasts, so she decided to slide it off as well. Now she only wore her thigh holsters and her backpack. She peeked around to see Zoey, struggling to remove her clothes, which dug deep into her growing body. Lara couldn’t stand it anymore – she made her way closer, cautious to keep cover between her and the place the last bullets had come from. When she reached the panicked girl she motioned her closer.

Zoey didn’t see her, stumbling away. “Oh, god, help me! It hurts so much!”

Lara couldn’t get her attention again; she sighed and darted out, hugging her breasts as well as she could. Exposed, she parted the girl’s rolls and found one side of her panties. She held it out and cut it. She traced it to the back and cut the other side as well, sending the ruined undergarment shooting onto the ground. She was able to cut her shirt off before another dart appeared in the screaming girl’s backside. Lara felt a pinch in her arm shortly after. Both of their posteriors ballooned outward and hanged slightly lower.

Zoey was still panicked, trying to free herself from the stretched bra straps. Lara grabbed the the exposed clasp and pulled her, causing both of them to tumble behind a ruined car. The strap broke and freed her enlarged breasts. Lara was now pinned under Zoey’s naked mass.

Zoey sat up and removed the scraps of her bra as she straddled Lara. The naked woman found a comfortable spot and waited, unable to get free. “Sorry,” she rolled off, “thanks.” She looked to Lara’s chest and turned away, realizing she was staring. “Those are pretty nice.”

“No time for that, love. We have to get the sniper. Team up for now?”
“Sure, but I don’t think I can do much.”
“I’ve got a plan. We just have to keep our wits.”
“Don’t you mean we have to keep our tits?” Zoey grinned, kneeling beside her.

Holding her breath, Sniper-Wolf fired another round, hitting the woman with the long braid in the arm before they moved out of sight. She scanned the area, keeping note of their location. She had moved twice since the match, started, but she still hadn’t seen the Special Forces operative. She brought herself up and made a low dash between cars.

She found a nice raised spot and crawled forward carefully, finding a good view. She heard shots, feeling something pinching her butt and side. She turned quickly but saw no one. Four darts had hit her and her stomach bulged outward against her jumpsuit. She groaned and unzipped it, allowing her newfound belly to be exposed.

She heard a noise and rolled the other direction, but it was only a distraction. Three more darts hit her in the arm. Her belly grew again, causing her to look like she was pregnant with triplets. She rolled onto her stomach and attempted to stand. Before she could balance herself, Jill rushed out and pushed her forward, shooting her as she fell. Sniper-Wolf, unable to fight back, laid upon her inflating stomach. Jill emptied the clip behind her. Jill laughed as she reloaded, watching the helpless woman rise upon her belly.

Sniper-Wolf was now in a bent over position, immobilized. Jill removed the darts and leaned against her opponent. “Give up yet?”

“Of course not.” She had subtly turned her rifle and was able to shoot a round into Jill. Jill fell backwards, dropping her pistol. She groaned as Sniper-Wolf shot again. Jill managed to crawl behind her until she could stand again. Her butt had tightened her skirt considerably.

Jill spanked the inflated woman, the tight leather causing her butt to bounce. “I’m going to keep doing this until you give up!” She swatted her butt repeatedly, harder and harder. Sniper-Wolf tried to bring her rifle over her shoulder, but Jill was at an impossible angle. She couldn’t reach the Beretta lying on the ground either. After a few minutes of relentless swats tears welled up in her eyes, “Okay, fine, I submit!” She dropped her rifle. Jill spanked her one last time and walked around the woman. She bumped her with her widened hips as she bent down, reaching for her gun.

As she leaned she noticed the other two women, naked with guns trained at her. Zoey looked pudgy, having grown from being average size to full-figured. Lara had absurdly large breasts and her backside was larger as well, causing a notable hourglass figure.

Jill stepped backwards, tripping and landing on her squishy backside. It absorbed the impact and she rolled behind Sniper-Wolf. A flurry of darts hit the ground where she had been. A few hit Sniper-Wolf’s legs; this caused her already notable breasts to hang lower. Jill peeked around her cover, noticing they were splitting up. Jill grabbed the PSG-1 and shot at Zoey. The hefty girl shot back, both girls hit. One sniper round equaled three submachine gun rounds, it seemed. Jill’s breasts pressed against her tube top, pushing it up as they grew. Zoey’s butt sagged, sending her to rest upon the ground. Jill fired one more round and ducked back. Zoey sat there, unable to get to her feet.

Jill raised the rifle to meet Lara who leaned over Sniper-Wolf’s leather-clad body. The rifle clicked, now empty. Lara rolled over the woman and shot her many times, emptying both clips. Jill’s whole body grew as she sat against Sniper-Wolf’s belly; she grimaced at the feeling of helplessness, watching her body grow fat and ugly. Her stomach grew rolls and her breasts sagged. Her skirt and tube top had rolled up as she grew; luckily she had not been wearing underwear, so she didn’t have to deal with removing that. She was now much larger than Zoey and she cried gently. “I’m done, you win.”

Zoey yelled from behind the two immobile women. “Hey, I give up too! You beat me! No need to shoot anymore.”

Lara came around to stand next to her, smiling. “Thanks for the help.”
“Don’t mention it. You did all the neat moves anyway.”

The tower doors all opened at once. There was an uncertain silence until they saw zombies shambling forth, slowly and in mass. The two girls looked shocked at one another. The announcer broke the silence, “Ladies, for the finale you must survive fifty zombies! But, these are special: these zombies don’t bite or claw, they only seek to breed. That’s right, fucking zombies! Have fun!”

Lara dropped her clips and started to reload as she walked away. Zoey sniffled, turned her gun to Lara; she emptied the clip. Lara stumbled and, unable to regain her balance, fell backwards. Her pistols flew out of reach. Her breasts grew to the size of tires as she watched in panic, attempting to roll over. They rested on each side of her, pinning her. Unable to move, she looked to Zoey with a pleading glance.

“Sorry,” Zoey spoke with despair, “You can’t just leave us.”
“I could’ve stopped them!”
“No, we’re all going to have to take this.”

It took minutes before the first one mounted Sniper-Wolf from behind. Another lurched upon Jill, spreading her legs and entering her with little trouble. She yelled until another one fell upon her, pressing his member into her mouth. Sniper-Wolf had one do the same thing to her. The zombie who was at her backside moved faster and grunted louder. Sniper-Wolf frowned as the zombie filled her with fluid. When it was finished it fell backwards and another took its place. Zoey watched as they double teamed her, the others moving past, coming to them.

Lying on her back, Lara had three come upon her: one in her pussy, one between her breasts, and one in her mouth. They didn’t have too much trouble guiding themselves in. They moved as fast as a normal man as they thrusted into her.

Then, one came to her. She used the empty rifle to bash its knee, causing it to stumble backwards. She hit the other knee and its legs snapped, causing it to fall. Three more came at her. She fought knowing couldn’t stop them for long. She felt something on her back and turned to see the bloody face of the first zombie crawling upon her. She jumped forward, falling upon a zombie in front of her. She felt her legs being pulled on either side, allowing the zombie beneath her to find his way into her.

“How the hell do you things know to do that?” She felt something press into her butt. It was slippery and she didn’t want to know why. “Oh, shit, no, no, no! Not the ass!” She yelped as it pounded her in time with the zombie she was straddling. Another one pressed into her mouth. They pressed in and out until she felt something shooting into her vagina, then her ass, then her mouth. The liquid tasted foul going down her throat. Once they finished they fell over and two more took their places. She squirmed as a more endowed zombie entered her backside. After the pain dulled she realized she was lying on top of a corpse – its penis still inside her. She was sickened by the thought as she waited for it all to end.

After a long time passed the last zombies fell over, truly dead. Everyone was covered in the strange goo that passed as zombie sperm. The loudspeaker crackled, “What a show! We counted up every zombie that finished in a girl, the score is: Sniper-Wolf with 8, Jill with 12, Zoey with 14, and Lara with 16. But, we decided to double the points for every one that finished in the ass. Sniper-Wolf and Lara both get three more. But, wow, Zoey got it in the ass 9 times, giving her a total score of 23! Zoey wins!”

Lara scoffed, “I knew these things would get the best of me one day. Things sure went tits up.”
Zoey laughed, “They sure did.” The lights in the stadium clicked off one by one. It sounded like a door opened in the distance. “Is that crying?” Zoey asked nervously.
“I think so.”
“Oh shit! Witch!”

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