The Neighbors


“Mike, could you help me get ready?” Melanie called from the bathroom down the hallway. He turned off the television and walked down the hall. Opening the door he saw Melanie naked in the shower. She pulled back the curtain. She was bent over with a shower hose trailing from her rear to the shower spigot. She had pushed the hose a fair distance into her. He had picked that up at the store for her last night. It was certainly a lot easier than having to fill the enema bag over and over again.

“It’s hard for me to reach back, would you mind controlling the water?” Mike agreed wholeheartedly, kneeling. She showed him where to turn the handle to make the water the right temperature. He turned on the water; the hose shook as water surged through it. Melanie jerked and fell forward, putting her hands on the wall to brace herself. She felt the water blasting into her, causing her insides to hurt. Grimacing, she protested loudly. “Stop, it’s too much!”
He turned it off, “sorry, I guess I pushed it too far.”

She stood up and held her stomach. She looked down, her face pained. “It was just unexpected. I think it puts in a lot more air in this way.” The fountain had filled her with a lot of air too, but she knew better than to try that again anytime soon. She did enjoy having the water under some pressure after that experience, though. Melanie waited until the discomfort passed. “Okay, a little more.”

He eased it on, just barely turning the knob. She closed her eyes and leaned down as the water flowed into her slowly. It felt much more pleasant this way. After a minute she remembered the reason for doing this. She asked Mike to fetch her makeup kit and her new dress from the bedroom upstairs. He returned a couple of minutes later.

“I don’t mean to rush you, but we only have 15 minutes before we said we’d be there.”
“Oh, I completely lost track of time! We have to hurry. I don’t want to be late. What do you think, almost to the right size?” She stood up and held her belly, bouncing it slightly.
He gave a nervous smile. “Actually, it was almost twice that size, I think.”

She sighed, he was right. She needed to get much bigger. She had to match the size she was when her neighbor had surprised her that day. But, there wasn’t much time. “Turn it up, I can handle it,” she decided.

“Are you sure, we can be late, it’s okay.”
“I’m sure. I haven’t been over there since I moved in. He’s helped me fix things around here too – I don’t want to be rude.” She leaned forward and then remembered something. “Hold on, I can put on my makeup now too.” She carefully leaned out of the shower and rested her elbows on the sink. She opened her vanity pouch and found eye liner and a small mirror. “Okay, do it.”

He pushed the handle further, increasing the flow. She gasped as water gushed inside of her. She clenched her teeth and delicately tried to apply her makeup. Her hands were shaking, but she managed. Mike massaged her belly as he watched it grow. She searched through her bag, fumbling until she found her concealer. She painstakingly covered her blemishes. Lastly she put on some subtle lipstick, very careful not to make a noticeable mistake. Doing tedious work while water was being pumped into her had made Melanie quite irritable. She closed her bag and looked down at her distended belly. “Isn’t that enough?”

“Yes, I was just about to stop it.” He turned the knob. He reached down and picked up the butt plug from a towel on the floor. He used the tube of lubricant beside it to prepare it. “Turn around and I’ll seal the deal!” Melanie narrowed her eyes, clearly not amused. She stood up and turned the other direction, placing one hand on the wall and used the other to spread herself.

Mike pulled on the hose. It took some effort, but he slowly withdrew it, inch by inch, until it was almost out. “That’s the end,” Melanie announced. He had the plug ready in his off hand as he tugged harder. The round end piece on the hose popped out and he pushed the slightly larger plug in its place. He was lucky and hit the spot on the first try; he pushed it halfway in. Before inserting it fully, he set the hose end on the shower floor with his other hand and used it to fondle her.

“We don’t have time, just put it in already!”
He eased it deeper, using his other hand to put gentle pressure on her front. She stopped spreading herself and put both hands on the wall. Mike adjusted his hand and used his palm to push it further. She pulled away slightly at first, but it wasn’t until the largest part of the plug slipped in that she jumped forward. She screamed. “Ow! Be careful! That really hurt!” She reached back and rubbed the smooth side of the plug that was in her. She gave him a scornful glance. He stood and kissed her, spinning her body around so he could rub her stomach for a moment. “Almost done, just have to clean up.”

She cleaned herself up, careful not to smear her makeup, while Mike washed his hands. When she was finished he helped her dry off. He helped her put on her panties and bra. Both were stretched a little as she looked at them. She used a smaller pair of panties to help hold the plug in place, so they had to be pushed down in the front due to her large tummy. Her breasts seemed bigger recently, but she couldn’t be sure. Then, she slipped on the black maternity dress. She had bought it solely for tonight. It wasn’t fancy, but it was very comfortable compared to her other dresses. It had a small tie that held it just below her bust line and it went down to her knees. He tied the back and led her to the front room. She strained to balance at times, but it was believable, she was trying to appear pregnant after all.

They had prepared for this the past couple of nights. She had taken and held around half as much for an hour around the house both nights. She had enjoyed it at first, but after about 20 minutes she became very agitated. Mike certainly enjoyed it, though. They hadn’t actually had sex yet, but she said she would after they got through tonight. They still had to figure out how to explain that she wasn’t really pregnant, that was hard to do while keeping her dignity. Melanie might have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t so rushed. He felt she was a little too wrapped up in what other people thought of her. This lie wasn’t helping the matter, but it sounded fun when they had planned it.

Mike donned his dress shirt and they left the house. She locked the door and they tried to appear casual as they walked to the next house in line. They stood outside, “Are you sure we can do this, we could just call and say I’m sick.”

“Of course, it will be fine and then they probably won’t bother us for a long time. Just bare it a little longer and then we can sneak out to make you feel better.” He stepped behind her, one hand cupping her breast, the other exploring below her waist. He pressed his hips against her backside. She could tell he enjoyed it; she did not, aching throughout.

“Don’t do that, especially not here!” She spoke with hushed ire, “this is already unpleasant enough. I don’t even know if I can do this. If I get off then I doubt I could even stand. I’ve done this too much recently,” she sighed. “We’re this far, though, so let’s just get this over with.” She pressed the doorbell. Mike took his place beside her again, with one arm over her shoulder. Barbara answered the door and they exchanged greetings. Melanie introduced Mike before being led into the dining room. Grant, her husband, was sitting at the table talking with two younger women.

Melanie stopped in her tracks. One of them was the jogger from the park. She looked at Mike and he nodded slightly, a worried look flashed on his face before being replaced by a smile. This could be very, very bad, but they had to play along.

Grant stood up, “Glad you two could make it! I’d like you both to meet our daughters Natalie and Sarah. They’re both back in town for a while after living with their mother for a few years.“ Natalie had been the jogger. She looked very smug, but she couldn’t be sure if she had said anything.

Natalie grinned, “I saw them in the park on Monday. They make a great couple.” Grant agreed.

“Thank you,” Melanie said cautiously, “this is Mike.” They all sat down to dinner and shared small talk. She tried to dodge any topic related to their relationship.  After the initial awkwardness had passed the conversation was much smoother. The food was another story, it tasted good enough she guessed, but she was not in the mood to eat at all. She forced down as much as she could, but that made her feel queasy. She also had to hide random pangs and cramps, she regretted doing this.

Mike made a joke, everyone laughed except the two girls. Natalie only put on a fake smile when her parents looked at her. Sarah was very quiet and said nearly nothing and smiled rarely. “So, how old are you two?” Mike asked, trying to be polite.

“I’m 20 and Sarah is 17,” Natalie responded, unusually friendly, “how about you two?”
“I’m 31 and she is…” He didn’t actually know.
“25,” Melanie quickly broke in.
Natalie’s sly smirk returned, “where did you two meet?”
Melanie tried to think of something believable, but nothing came to mind. Her stomach rumbled. “We met… I… feel sick.” She hoped that would kill the topic and give them an excuse to leave sooner. She also hoped she could make it home without throwing up.
“We should go,” Mike said, pushing his chair back. “The baby always upsets her around dinner time.”

Natalie stood up, “The bathroom is upstairs. I can show her, you can finish your food. I’m finished anyway.” Mike hesitated, looking at Melanie. She nodded once and Mike sat back down.

Melanie leaned heavily on the chair as she rose, suppressing a cramp. It was harder to walk now, she felt weaker and her legs were shaky, climbing the stairs took some time. Natalie waited at the top patiently with an amused look. She led Melanie down the hall into the restroom. “I’m not going to say anything to them, but after you finish come to my room downstairs so we can talk. They shouldn’t see you.” Natalie bounded down the steps and Melanie pulled the door closed. She had no idea what there was to talk about. Her middle-section was fluttering, she had to pee. She wanted to take out the plug, but she had to keep up the lie, and she didn’t trust Natalie not to say anything. She sat there for a few minutes to gather herself.

She felt better and headed down the stairs slowly. She heard Mike say something stupid as she passed. At least he kept the hosts distracted. She turned to go down the second flight to the basement. She was in a large utility area. She walked ahead through the open door at the far side.  The bedroom was packed with stuffed animals and knick-knacks, a small bed in the corner.  A door to the left was pushed slightly open, her own personal bathroom. This room was quite large compared to the other bedrooms. She noticed a wide area of layered towels on the floor.

Natalie and Sarah entered the room and closed the door. Natalie approached her with a pair of scissors. “If you yell then I’ll tell everyone what a slut you are. Actually, I can show them.” Using the scissors, she cut the top of Melanie’s dress and proceeded to cut the rest down the center. Frightened and weak Melanie just stood there in shock as Natalie ripped away her ruined dress. Her bra and panties were cut away next. Natalie took out her cell phone and snapped a couple of photos, one of her rump with the plug showing. She grinned and put the phone back into her pocket.

Sarah held out some looped cable ties and took the scissors, placing them on a table by the door. Natalie wrenched the small purse Melanie had been carrying from her grip and tossed it to Sarah. Holding her arms behind her Natalie quickly used the cable ties to restrain them. Sarah placed a chair on top of the towels and put one to sit on. Natalie pushed Melanie to the seat. The chair creaked as she sat down. The butt plug went deeper and her belly grumbled. Abruptly, Natalie left. Sarah opened the closet and pulled down a box. Rifling through it, soon she took out something small.

“This will keep you entertained for a while.” Sarah finally spoke, as she pushed the small vibrator into Melanie’s vagina. A cord came from between Melanie’s legs to her hands. Sarah watched gleefully as she switched it on. The bound woman with the large belly started squirming uncomfortably. “I don’t think that’s enough.” Sarah turned it up, Melanie’s hips pushed up against the air as she slid down the chair. Her arms were wrapped around the back. They kept her from sliding to the floor. Melanie moaned and groaned in agonizing pleasure.

“You really are a slutty bitch aren’t you?” Sarah asked, amused. She watched a moment before opening the door, grabbing Melanie’s purse as she left. “Wait, no, don’t-” Melanie tried calling out, but her voice cracked and it was little more than a whisper. She couldn’t hold back any longer and, rocking back and forth, an orgasm flowed over her. It was amazing, but the vibrator was still on, and after a moment she could barely stand the feeling.

She slid a little further out of the chair; her legs couldn’t support the extra weight. Her arms twisted further behind her as she sank lower. The motion caused the chair to lean forward and slide down behind her. Pain wracked her insides. She writhed as he belly rumbled. Her hands weren’t wrapped around the chair; she quickly reached down with her bound hands, trying to remove the toy. She strained, twisting desperately, but she couldn’t reach it from behind. She tried to use her toes to pull on the cord, but that didn’t work either. She lay there sweating and panting, her whole body tingled. She noticed the scissors on the table by the door.

After some thought, she finally, built enough strength to move. She got on her side and used momentum, having to put her weight onto her stomach as she rolled; she tolerated the pain as best she could. She crashed into the small table. It spilled onto the floor and she wriggled towards the scissors a foot away. After an awkward struggle, she was able to cut her bonds. As soon as her hands were free she quickly removed the vibrator.

Mike had finished eating. Now he was chatting with Grant and Barbara when Natalie came back in. Sarah had asked to be excused a few minutes ago. “Is she okay?” Barbara asked.

“She’ll be fine. She said that something wasn’t agreeing with her.”
Barbara looked at Mike apologetically, “I’m so sorry.”
“It wasn’t your fault, the food was amazing… It has to be the baby.” Grant agreed with Mike. They talked about Grant’s job for a few minutes while Natalie went up to check on Melanie again. When she came back she said that Melanie had to go home, and she was sorry for ruining the evening.
“Oh, she didn’t ruin the evening. Tell her we all had a good time, Mike; we should do this again sometime.” Barbara said sympathetically.
“I’m sure we will. I should head home to check on her, though.” They said their goodbyes and he walked through the yard towards Melanie’s house. Natalie came running up before he reached the door.

“Mike, wait, she wanted me to tell you to go home tonight. She really didn’t feel good after that crummy food Barbara made.” He eyed her cautiously. “Really, and don’t worry, I’m not saying anything. I think it’s neat you two are hooked up and fooling dad and Barbara is always fun.” She smiled brightly under the small light by the front door. The bathroom light was on upstairs in Melanie’s house, and she probably would be in a foul mood after tonight. He didn’t have a key anyway, so Mike nodded and walked down the street to his car.

The door opened, “She’s gone!” Natalie came in first, followed by Sarah. “She couldn’t have gotten far. She is a fat naked lady.” Sarah pushed the door closed. Melanie was behind it. Using what was left of her energy, she lunged at Sarah. They fell to the ground in a tangle, Sarah screamed. Melanie came to rest straddling her, holding her arms back as she huffed and puffed. “Get this fat bitch off me!” Melanie repositioned herself lower, causing Sarah’s head to be pressed into her breasts.

“She’s crushing me and her tits are in my face, get her off!” Sarah pleaded, jerking from side to side. Natalie rushed over and tried to pull her off. Grabbing Melanie by the shoulders she tried to force her to the side, but that only put more weight onto Sarah. Melanie felt oddly aroused by the predicament. Sarah started pushing her hips upward repeatedly trying to free her legs, which excited Melanie even more. Moving forward, she let go and slid her arms behind Sarah’s shoulders, holding her head in place. Natalie put her hands around Melanie’s belly and jerked as hard as she could, but couldn’t budge her. Melanie felt her belly gurgle, the discomfort added to her arousal. Sarah tried to yell underneath her, but instead got a mouthful of Melanie’s breast. Sarah turned her head to the side so she could breathe, in the process her lips rubbed across Melanie’s nipple. That sent her over the edge. Ignoring the situation, she closed her eyes to enjoy Sarah’s hip thrusts and Natalie’s groping. Orgasm washed over her, she moaned and shook with delight.

“She just came,” Sarah was disgusted, “get her off of me!” Melanie laid on her, uncaring at the moment. Natalie let go. A few seconds later, Melanie felt something in her crotch. The vibrator started, it was much more intense than before. Melanie rolled onto her back and pulled it out as fast as she could. She put a hand on her crotch as she laid there in pain.
“That moved her fast,” Natalie laughed.
“Took you long enough,” Sarah looked down and noticed her jeans and shirt were damp. “Damn it, I guess I’ll go change.”
“Make another set of handcuffs, and make sure Dad and Barbara don’t come poking around. Tell them we were fighting or something.”

Sarah went upstairs. Natalie walked over and braced herself between the wall and Melanie. Grunting, she rolled Melanie on to her side. She took her phone out of her pocket and took a few more pictures. “Don’t you do anything like that again or I will send these to a few random people around town. Now stay here and wait.”

Natalie put her phone back into her pocket and left the room. Melanie started crying, her insides had never hurt so much. She had never held this much water for more than an hour. It had been about two now, she guessed.  Her mouth was dry, her muscles were weak, and she ached all over. That might have been her only opportunity to escape, too.After a few minutes, Sarah came back in wearing fresh clothes. She knelt by Melanie and smiled. “Don’t worry, we have more fun stuff for you.” She spoke with mock sincerity. Her smile turned to a scowl, “Put your arms back or I’ll kick you.” Melanie put her arms back, which made her lean forward onto her stomach. Sarah slipped the cable ties over her hands and tightened them.

The door opened again. Natalie came in holding the shower hose that she had used earlier with Mike. “We brought this from your place, hope you don’t mind. It looks like you’re quite a pro at this sort of thing.”
“Please, let me go to the bathroom, I feel sick!”

“You don’t get off that easy. We are just getting started with you.” They walked into the bathroom and closed the door. They talked quietly. Melanie couldn’t make out what they were saying. They came out a few minutes later. “Sit here,” they put the chair upright and placed it on the towels where it was before. They both strained to help her up. After some maneuvering, she was in the seat again. Natalie handed her a cup of water. “You look thirsty, drink it all.” She held the cup to her mouth. Melanie gulped it down as she poured it, some spilling down her front. Her mouth had been very dry. Natalie took the cup into the bathroom and filled it up in the sink, “drink this too.” This one didn’t go down as easily, it took a minute to finish.After that, Sarah came out with the hose in tow. It was just long enough to reach the chair along the floor. “Lean forward and be sure not to spill when she takes it out.”

Natalie tilted her head, “I got her down here so you have to do that.”
“I just changed my clothes. I am not going upstairs in front of them if this slut shoots it everywhere.”
“She won’t.” But, Sarah made no sign of moving. Natalie sighed, irritated, “fine.” She took the hose and pushed Melanie forward, her butt was pressed against the slats in the back of the seat. “If you let it go then I will send those pictures to everyone!” Melanie closed her eyes as Natalie sank behind her. She felt the large part of the plug pop out, but Natalie stopped for a moment after that so she could adjust. She was very careful taking it out the rest of the way and Melanie was able to hold the water in – barely. Then she felt the lubricated end of the hose slip into her. Then she felt it push deeper and deeper. Natalie grabbed her shoulders, “okay, let ‘er rip!”

Melanie watched as Sarah turned the shower dial with a flick of her wrist. There was a delay before it reached her. She felt a burst of air mix with the water already in her. Then it came, liquid surged in and her heart fluttered. This was more pressure than she had ever felt before, causing her to cramp almost immediately as her insides twisted and turned. The fountain had been weak by comparison. She closed her eyes and leapt forward instinctively, trying to move away from the source of her torment, but Natalie held her hips in place as well as she could manage. She writhed in agony for what seemed like an eternity. “Look at her go!” they both laughed at her misery.

Finally, the torrent stopped. She squirmed in the chair. She tried lifting herself slightly to straighten out, but she felt overly burdened. She grunted and whimpered. Nothing could ease the pain at first, but she clenched her teeth and after a while it was a little easier to bear. She relaxed a little and opened her eyes. They were drawn to her massive belly, which now was touching her thighs as she sat there. It was twice as big as it was before and every time she moved it sloshed like a water balloon. Her skin was stretched and tender, she felt like she was about to burst.

“Told ya,” Sarah walked out and lowered a hand to Melanie’s crotch. She grimaced with each stroke of her finger. “I should have known she’d end up liking this.” Natalie said something as she walked into the bathroom. She unscrewed the shower hose and laid it down next to the drain. She could feel the water emptying out of her, the sensation was agonizing and delightful. Sarah’s touch made it more bearable, though. She resisted the urge to force it out, trying to relax her body.  After a few minutes she was feeling more and more relieved. “That’s all for today,” Sarah said as she stroked her, “we’ll take you home after it’s out.”
“What about the pictures? Let me see you delete them.”

“Oh, actually we we’re going to keep them. We still intend to have some more fun with you.” Natalie gave a light push on Melanie’s stomach which made more come out though the hose. “We’re here for a few more weeks,”

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