New Years Day


Emma stood up slowly, still groggy from last night’s festivities. The clock read 1:06pm. She stumbled into the bathroom. As she sat down she took out her phone and started reading her texts. Most were misspelled ‘happy new years,’ but one stood out and she read it twice before she could comprehend it.

“I have your mother and your sister; do as I say and they will be released: come to 892 Stafford Street. Go to the blue house and knock three times. Be there at 11:30 tonight. Do not call the police – this is your only warning.”

The text had come from her mother’s number. She gathered her wits and called her sister’s phone once, then again – no answer. That was very unusual. She got into the shower, trying to calm herself – it didn’t help. She took something for her headache and drove to her mother’s house. Her mom’s car was there, but her sister’s was gone. She knocked, but no one answered. She used her key and searched around for any clues. Everything seemed in order until she came to her mother’s room. There she saw two drawers pulled out – underwear and shirts in a mess on the floor. Now she knew this was real. She tried to think of what they might want from them. At least she was still alive, or so she hoped. It seemed very dangerous to go there alone, but the kidnapper would probably be watching her. She went over it many times, eventually deciding to risk it. She grabbed her mother’s pistol from the hiding place in her bedroom, and after some contemplation, headed out to the car.

Emma decided not to inform her brother, who lived about an hour’s drive away. They didn’t get along very well and frankly, she didn’t know his number. Hopefully this would go smoothly and they’d both be free tonight anyway. She could dream, at least.

She drove around the area and nothing caught her attention. Her sister’s car was nowhere to be found. She waited in front of the specified house until 11:20. She hid the pistol and warily approached the door; she knocked, another text message came.

“Open the door. Go inside and undress. Throw your clothes into the fire.”
She came inside and saw a small, well stoked firepit. It sat in the middle of a tiled floor. There was a hood that hanged above it for ventilation. The lack of furniture led her to believe this place was vacant.

She looked around for a moment before another message came. This one showed her mother’s face. Her hair was unkempt and she had been crying. The photo was too close to see her surroundings.
Emma gasped and started to take her clothes off. She hesitated when she came to her undergarments, but she knew it was pointless; so she stripped down, set her purse aside, and put her clothes in the fire. She watched them writhe in the flames and before long another message came.

“Good job. It’s New Years Day, so a new baby needs to be born. You’ll have instructions in the next room. I’m watching. :)”

She opened the door to the adjoining room, purse in hand; it had thick tan carpet and the walls were a similar shade of brown. There were two other closed doors. In the middle of the room there was a doll with no clothes and a folded up piece of paper beside it. The doll was unusual – she couldn’t help but touch it. It was about a foot tall and was made out of soft silicone. She unfolded the paper and read:
Hello, Emma,
I felt it would be wrong to use the real thing, but this will be your baby for the New Year. You need more in your life, so I want to give you the gift of motherhood. You will need to use the lubricant under the doll to make it easier to insert. With your lifestyle it shouldn’t be too difficult to fit it in there. Once it is in you will be free to leave and Laura and Maggie will be released shortly afterward. You have until midnight.

Now she understood: some deviant wanted to see his personal show at their expense. She looked at the clock on her phone – 11:41. She walked over and opened the other doors to adjoining rooms. Both were vacant and dark. There was a stairway in one, so she crept upstairs, clutching her gun in her purse. Upstairs she found two more empty rooms. Another message came:
“I’m not there. You’re just wasting time. Do as I asked or there will be consequences.”

She was a little shaky as she made her way back to the main room. She read the note again and checked her phone once more: 11:49. She had no choice. She sat on the carpet and took the jar of lubricant from under the doll. She rubbed a liberal amount on her vagina. One of her boyfriends had been rather well endowed, so she believed she wouldn’t have too much trouble fitting this in there. The doll seemed heavier than she had thought as she held it – like it had a weight inside. She coated the doll in lubricant as well and started to insert the head. She stopped and realized that should probably go in last, as it was the biggest part. Spinning it around, she began to insert the baby’s feet first. She squeezed them together with one hand and parted herself with the other.

As she inserted the tiny feet and legs it actually felt very nice. She tried to enjoy it as much as she could in the current situation. Maybe that would give her mom’s captors some release so they’d hopefully release them as well. She was also getting a little wet, which helped with the insertion. As she got to the dolls hips it became harder. She pressed a little more firmly – she felt a pop. There was a small amount of pain, but more than enough pleasure to make up for it. She gasped lightly. The baby doll was now waist deep in her loins. She caught her breath and pushed it deeper. She held its arms in and made her way up to its shoulders. Pushing harder again, it went deeper – up to the neck now. She moaned this time.

She was enjoying it at this point. She used her other hand to trace its way up her leg, across her stomach, and onto her breast. She tugged her nipple, breathing quickly. The head was the last part to put in: it was larger than a normal baby’s. She pushed hard and it didn’t go in. She pushed again, harder than before; slowly it started in, little by little, until finally it popped in. She shrieked in pain, closing her legs tightly and rolling to her side. It must have been bigger than she expected.

Her belly was bulging noticeably now. Once the pain passed she sat up. Just then another message came to her phone, which lay on the floor. “Too late, now you have to find a way home. Have fun! ;)”

It was 12:04, she had taken too long. She stood up; the baby inside her felt like it weighed about 10 pounds. It was a very odd sensation. It felt like it wanted to come out, but she didn’t have trouble holding it in at the moment. She was not looking forward to pushing it out after that last part, though. She picked up her purse and headed to the front door – then came a knock. She froze, startled and naked. She looked through the peephole: a police officer. He knocked again as he watched for movement behind the drawn shades.

She slowly backed away; she did not want to have to explain this situation. Once she felt she was far enough away from the window, she made her way to the back door. She unlocked it and headed into the alleyway. She peered around the side of the house and saw the patrol car was parked beside her car. There must be some place out of sight nearby. She heard his keys jangling. He was walking closer. She ducked back and after a moment she saw his flashlight coming from around the house. He was investigating the parameter. Her mother’s captors must have called them.

She jogged awkwardly to the other side of the building and saw a couple watching the police car from their living room. She would be spotted if she went onto the street and the officer was about to circle to this side of the house. She was trapped. Her only option was to try and hide. Emma pressed into a small crevice between the adjacent building and a dumpster. She held her breath as the officer walked by; his flashlight sweeping back and forth in front of him. He was just about to pass when the beam fell upon her.

“You, what are you doing out here? Where are your clothes?” He cautiously approached. “It’s okay, I can help you, just talk to me.” She stood, uncertain and exposed. After a moment she decided that nothing she could say would help. She took off running, her stomach bounced and bobbed with each footfall. The officer hesitated a moment before giving chase. “Stop, I only want to help!”

Emma kept running as fast as she could, but she turned her head and noticed he was gaining quickly. “No, please, leave me alone. It’s not what you think, please-” She stepped on a rock and jumped a few times before tumbling to the ground. Her hands hit first, followed by her distended belly. The impact moved the doll lower inside her – it was going to come out now. She rolled onto her back, resting on her elbows and spreading her legs. He came to a halt in front of her, shocked at the situation.

She gritted her teeth, and without a choice, she started pushing as hard as she could manage; she grunted and whined, but it didn’t seem to move. She knew the head was the largest part, but now she was concerned that it might have twisted inside of her while she had been running. She inhaled slowly and then pushed again. She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes, trying not to hold back. Still, nothing came out.

The officer finally snapped out of his confusion. He reached for his radio on his shoulder. He made contact with dispatch, called for an ambulance, and mentioned a few radio codes. “An ambulance will be here shortly. Just try to hold on until then.”

“No, please… pleeee-“ She started another push, she had to get this out of her before they brought her in. She flushed with embarrassment.

“Just wait, ma’am! I-I don’t know how too… Oh, god, I see it.” He shook his head as he knelt down. He looked terrified as he held his hands out. The head came out with the next push. The sensation was too much. She yelled and started to close her legs. A moment passed before she opened them back up and built up the strength to push again.

His face showed his confusion. “Why isn’t it crying? Oh no… I think-”

She pushed again, squealing loudly. The shoulders came out and the rest of the doll followed, falling onto the ground. She closed her legs and reached down, trying to rub the pain away. The officer stood up, looking perplexed. After a moment Emma stood up as well. She was shaky as she bent down and grabbed the doll. She noticed it was missing a leg. That must have come off inside her.

He shined his flashlight on the baby. “Is that a doll? What the hell?”
“Please, just… leave me alone. Let me go without telling anyone.”
He breathed deeply and then called dispatch on his radio again. He cancelled the ambulance. Emma sighed in relief, “thank you, sir. This was just something stupid I did…”

“I’m still going to have to bring you in for public indecency. You shouldn’t be out here with no clothes on, especially doing that.”
Another squad car pulled up with its lights on, but no siren. Red and blue flashed down the alley.

He took out his handcuffs and before he could get to her she decided to run. She sprinted away, holding the damp, single-legged baby doll as she ran. She felt the object inside of her, but she tried to ignore it. Her breasts bounced wildly, lacking restraint. He was running behind her, but he wasn’t able to keep up now. She turned a corner, then another, and after one more she had lost him. She stopped in another alleyway and spread herself, trying to get the leg out of her. After much frustration and some luck, she pulled it out and put it, as well as the doll, into a dumpster.

She realized now that she had forgotten her purse and phone. It wouldn’t have mattered, but her house keys were in there too. She slowly made her way back to Stafford Street. Still naked and weak, she tried to stay in the shadows and avoid any houses with open windows.

She finally got a view of the street, noticing that the first police car had left. Another squad car had pulled up to the other side, though. After waiting for a few minutes another officer came out of the house and drove the other car away. She sneaked inside through the back door and found her phone and purse. Her wallet sat open on her bag. He must have discovered it! Her gun was gone as well. She hoped nothing would come of it. She checked her phone, no messages. She made her way out the back door and ran to her car when she felt the coast was clear. She noticed the nosy neighbors had reappeared in the window and were watching her again. She got in, started her car, and sped off, hoping they didn’t get a good look at her license plate. She finally made it home feeling drained. She came to the door and searched for the keys in her purse when a beam of light fell upon her.

“Well, hello there. What have you been up to?” It was the second police officer. He walked down the sidewalk, stopping a few feet away.

She used one arm to cover her breasts and her other hand to cover her lower region. “I-I- Look, this was just a big-“ She trailed off, trying to look as pitiful and scared as she could manage.
“Oh, it’s fine, Arnie already told me about what happened, I just wanted your side. I’m not going to bring you in.”
“Oh thank god! I was forced to put that stupid thing in-“ She stopped herself, remembering he had said not to tell the police. “I mean, my boyfriend had me do that. Now he’s my ex-boyfriend, since he stole my clothes too.”
“Oh my, what’s his name?”
“I… don’t want him to get in trouble, just let it go, please.”
“Suit yourself, I’m Mike.” He held out his hand. After a moment he realized her predicament again; he lowered his hand, smiling. “Sorry.”

She couldn’t help but let out a nervous laugh. “I’m Emma. I’m going inside now. Thank you, Mike.” She sounded so drained.
“Of course, I just wanted to check on you. Here’s my personal number, and make sure you don’t do something like this again.” He tilted his head and gave her a jokingly stern look.
She took the paper. “Definitely, thank you very much.” She went inside, took a long, warm shower, and fell into bed. Her phone rang just after she lied down. She answered it.

“Hi, sweetie! I’m okay. He hasn’t done anything to me. He’s been very nice to me, actually.”
“Thank god!” Her relief turned to suspicion. “Are you sure, he sounds like a pervert?”
“Oh, he’s not! He’s been very nice and I’ve just been relaxing. He said that he’s here to help us all.”
“I don’t believe that, mother! Do you know what he had me do?”
“No, what was it?”
“I-I can’t say now. It was just bad – trust me, he’s a sicko.”
“Oh please, Emma, Don’t ruin this. He’s a nice man! He let Maggie go.”
“Maggie? Is she okay?”
“Yes, she’s fine too.”
“When is he going to let you go?”
“I don’t know, but I kind of like him.”

They started to argue: Emma knew that her captor was just pampering her so she didn’t try to escape. After many obscenities were exchanged, Laura hung up. Emma couldn’t do much, so she decided to get some rest. Her sister was free and that was the most important part. She hoped, though, in spite of how much she disliked her mother, that she was okay.

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