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All material related to this site are works of fiction and not related to any actual person. All characters are 18 or older even if otherwise stated. Game characters are used as parody and belong to their respective creators. I do not condone any actions or situations written herein, I just write for entertainment.

7 thoughts on “Index

  1. Inflatable Slave

    In regards to your popping poll, next paycheck I was going to subscribe to your Patreon just to submit popping story ideas and ask if you’d do more of them! Messy/noncon/air or water up the butt, def top favorites as someone who inflates IRL!

    • Would be glad to have another supporter. I try to have alternate endings to stories for those who enjoy it, and I have a few upcoming story ideas that would naturally end that way. Even if you only subscribe for a month or two I’d love to hear the ideas.

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